Mutable Instruments Plaits


early adopter 4life


i wish i still had my OG shruti-1 :frowning:


mine is mostly hanging out - kinda off MIDI these days and uh my workmanship is starting to show its wear. but wow i got a lot out of that lil guy. it’ll be back one day i hope


I’ve been posting these elsewhere, but I thought I’d join & share them here for people to hear. My Plaits arrived on Monday & I’ve been having a great time with this module this week. Here are some things that I’ve made:

This was my 1st patch using Plaits, which I put together using the Filtered Noise mode. Delay provided by Disting & Clouds providing some modulation. Just a simple Euclidian trigger from Pamela’s New Workout & a melodic sequence from Ornament & Crime’s Sequins. I just set the above off & played around with a few of the controls as it was going:

This track is more indicative of how Plaits works with other things going on in the mix too & utilises the Granular Formant Oscillator mode. The counter-melody is from my Moog Mother 32.

This was my 1st patching attempt utilising the Aux out. This is being used twice in this track - once to excite Rings on the melodic content (with disparate sequences being sent to both) - Plaits is in the Granular Formant Oscillator mode for this, with Rings functioning as a Modal Resonator.

Both outputs are also used to provide some rhythmic content too - with Plaits in the Filtered Noise mode for this.

Plaits is being used (yet again) as one part of the drone underpinning everything, this time in Wavetable Oscillator mode, providing an octave up to a Square wave coming from my Mother 32:

Finally, here’s one exploring the 2 Operator FM & Chord modes:


Whoops. So what exactly is happening when I accidentally long press on both buttons?


Have I just messed with the calibration?

EDIT: OK, think I figured it out. Roughly followed the same procedure as Rings and now it seems to be responding more accurately…


also having a lot of fun with Plaits–chord mode is a really fun drone machine!


I’ve discovered a Major Bug with Plaits…

The cardboard sleeve around the box is waaaaay too tight. Took me Ages to get the box out, this morning, after I’d received the parcel at work.


Looking forward to plugging it in, now I’m home.

As you were…


You’re going to give @pichenettes a heart attack! Don’t do that! :smile:


Hi , i found this Picture in Instagram , anyone knows what is this black box ?


I also had this situation, the sleeve on the box was very tight and I was afraid I’d end up having to tear it to open it.

It did eventually slide out but I’m not certain it’ll slide back in.


Yes mine too, very tight fit!


folks in here posting like the box is what matters


right, what’s important is that the top inside the box both looks nice and spins great


Looks like a DC/DC converter


Is it 0402 passives? Or still 0603?

Oliver mentioned in another thread he was using DC DC converters in the new modules


I was joking…

Having said that, it was genuinely a minor irritation.


ordered! i’m gonna tear my box and toss it in the bin.




We are aware of this problem and it’s being looked into. It’s actually a long story…
I noticed that depending on which side you put the box into the sleeve it can go very smoothly or get stuck.

It tears my hear into pieces every time somebody does it… I want you to know that.


regardless. i am very excited. my first new module in over 2 years… :slight_smile: