Mutable Instruments Plaits


Excellent! I’ll need to publish the tool to generate the .cc / .h files then…

That. There’s a firmware update procedure, but I don’t plan to document it unless there is a serious bug that needs to be fixed.


Nice! Here’s the BlueWizard link:



So no more user updates via audio input, then. You must be very confident you’ve squashed all the bugs.

Also, no more support for user installation of alternative firmwares. Interesting. Were you getting too many support requests involving modules with alt. firmwares installed, I wonder?


I don’t think that’s what he said. It’s more that the procedure will only be communicated in case there is a bug and hence a firmware update is issued to address that.


You’re right, I was probably jumping the gun a little, there.

No offence was meant, and none taken, I hope.

It just seemed odd that a conscious decision had apparently been taken not to document the update process.


a firmware update with an audio file via the boot loader and flashing the chip are two different and non-exclusive things, no?



(don’t try and quote posts from yr phone jeez)


Probably still possible. I think @pichenettes just doesn’t want people doing it until it’s needed.


Yes the audio bootloader is still there.


Nice! I hope you really clean up on these. I appreciate that you are willing to meet demand with larger production runs.


Sorry for jumping off at the deep end there, in that case.



This looks like a very competent and laudable module. Thumbs up! :star_struck: However, I’m most happy about the new design philosophy. Clean, simple but powerful, no screen, etc. Mutable Instruments is such a trend setting maker that I expect others follow suit and adopt a similar usability view, and that’s a great thing.


Bit of a dumb question:
Looking at the technical specs, the fm input is described as "up to 2kHz"
The same goes for e.g. Tides (where its 4kHz)

Now my question is what does this mean in technical terms? I suppose 2khz is not the sample rate of the input’s ADC so is it band-limited from this frequency meaning any signal above 2khz will simply be ignored?


Hardware-wise: The sample rate of the ADC input is 4kHz. There are (primitive) low-pass filters on the inputs, starting to attenuate at about 1kHz.

Software-wise: The CV inputs are read once per block of 12 samples, but linear interpolation is used throughout the block to avoid stepping/zipper noise.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Same counts for Plaits, i assume?


Well what I described above is for Plaits!


Oh dear i immediately assumed you took tides as an example after reading 4kHz but i understand now.


My order of a supposedly ‘in-stock’ Plaits on the 2nd has magically turned into a batch 2 preorder, to be delivered at some indeterminate future date :frowning:

Nobody’s fault, just venting :wink:



The cost of being on the early adopter side of the product adoption bell curve… My order was just canceled by the store I ordered from. We’ll get these modules sometime! Just maybe not as fast as we’ve grown accustomed to in this age of global economy.


Yeah, I’ve always been an early-adopter, when it comes to Mutable Instruments products, right back to the Shruthi-1 days.

I’m sure we’ll all get our Plaits, eventually.