Mutable Instruments Plaits


Is it possible to reduce the rate of particle firing in the Particle Noise model to something below that which I am getting by turning the Timbre pot all the way counterclockwise? I am trying to reach somewhere around half of what seems to be the current slowest rate.


Not without modifying the code


Just got my plaits yesterday and it sounds fantastic. I totally love the WT4X mode in braids and I find the wavetable chords in plaits a bit limited compared to braids. Is there a way to get the braids wavetables into plaits?

for example in this track I used braids wtx4 and I feel I would never get this sound out of plaits


I just found a “drum kit” I pieced together a while ago out of Plaits sounds. Mostly kicks and snares. Feel free to use it as you wish if you find it useful.