Mutable Instruments Plaits


of course man… it’s just addiction, i ve discovered streams egg so many months after getting it!


WHAT?! I just sold my Streams, but I never even knew about the attractor. Well…


I saw this on my instagram feed. I’m rather intrigued by the idea of Audulus transforming Plaits into a drum machine in a pinch. I’m getting exciting for my first non VCVrack Plaits showing up in the mail on Tuesday!


sold my Braids a while back and recently decided to pick up a Plaits.

I’ve only played with a few of the models extensively so far, but I just wanted to say that the design changes over Braids are pretty brilliant. It’s a really fantastic improvement. I love how when timbre, fm and morph are unpatched, the attenuverters let you add modulation from the built-in envelope… its like getting modulation for free!!! :slight_smile:


How precisely calibrated is the mode input for Plaits?


It’s not calibrated - so it can be 0.312V/model on one unit and 0.308 on another…


Interesting, so the only calibrated input is the 1V/Oct?


The other inputs are only calibrated for offset (so that nothing happens when 0V / a dummy patch cable is patched into them).


So everything has an Easter Egg except this huh? I need to learn this coding you all have going on.


I love the built-in LPG on Plaits. But it would be cool to adjust the vactrol decay and filtering amount without having to hold the left button while turning the Timbre and Morph knobs. What if you could hold the left knob for 1 second and that would put you in the filtering and vactrol decay adjustment mode so that you could freely adjust them? A counter would detect if either of those knobs have been touched in the last 5 seconds or so, if not it would revert back to the model selection mode, or maybe just stay in that mode until the user pushes the left button again. While in the adjustment mode there could be a light display indicating the vactrol’s response, similar to Streams.


I concur that a latch mode for the lpg would be useful for live modulation.

Not sure about the counter tho.


Latch mode would indeed be cool, but I wouldn’t anticipate that it will be added. The whole premise of Plaits was reducing the interface complexity.

I think the LPG is more of a convenience than a feature. If you really like the functionality of Streams, maybe just run it into Streams?


Incidentally, what’s the effective range of Plaits’ “Model” input?

It seems quite low.

I finally got around to trying to use Frames as a kind of “preset store” for Plaits percussion sounds, and found I had to attenuate the Frames output going to the Model input on Plaits quite a lot in order to get a useful range on the Frames channel pot.


-5V to +5V (+5V makes the last red model active if the first green model is active; -5V makes the first green model active if the last red is currently active).

Maybe your Frames is set for +10V offsets?


Ah, so the Model input applies a bipolar offset to the currently-(manually)-selected model…

So if I wanted to just choose from the red models, I would select the first of the red models on Plaits, and 0-5V from Frames would allow CV selection of all the red models.

That’s kinda what I thought.

I think I need another Shades, or a dedicated low-HP attenuation/offset module.


No, there is no scaling applied that would be dependent on the selected model.

In your case, a voltage of 2.5V only would be necessary to advance to the last model, because 5V is what is required to advance by 16 models.

In other words, it’s 16 / 5 = 0.3125V / model (except it’s not accurately calibrated).


I use Shades (in addition with Links) to shift t3 from Marbles.
So, with only 1 Plaits, I can control model (and 2 others parameters) for a nice kick-drum.
It works fine :+1:


Apologies in advance @pichenettes for what is likely a stupid question, but I’m wondering aloud whether Plaits code could be manipulated to trigger the internal LPG when it detects a change in the v/oct input, similar to the behaviour of Rings and, when you have it set up to do so, Braids?

It likely wont be a realistic option, but no harm in asking, given it’s a feature I use/used a lot on the aforementioned modules. :slight_smile:


It’s technically possible but it’s an additional setting and layer of complexity I don’t want to add


Thanks for replying! Good to know it’s technically possible, but appreciate your desire to not overcomplicate / clutter things :slight_smile: