Mutable Instruments Plaits


Thanks :wink:
They are gently waiting in their box, I finally chose a RackBrute 6U that will arrive next week …


My Plaits is having an issue where it doesn’t seem to be responding to Trigger inputs anymore. I got to this state by long-pressing both mode selection buttons together and encountered a flashing green light, a short press caused a flashing yellow light, a further short press made all of the LEDs flash red, a final short press put it back into normal operation. I played with the pots while I was in one of these states, but I’m unsure what I actually did.

I managed to partially resolve the issue with no cable in the trigger input by entering each of the flashing light modes and dialing the Timbre, Morph and Harmonics knobs to full CCW, but it seems I need to do this each time the module is powered on in order to get it to respond to triggers again.

I take it that I’ve managed to enter the calibration mode and screw something up, any ideas on how I can permanently fix this?


Been having a lot of fun with Marbles and Plaits. Marbles switching models with CV from the X side, triggered from t1 is very cool.


Just received mine yesterday. Oh lord.
This is just plain my favorite oscillator ever.
Even the very basic analog waveform model just sounds so so good.
For this price, i cant imagine any better choice.


I love it. I’m just building out my first rack, but picked one up a couple days ago and omg.

One thing though, I was playing around with it, just sort of blinding holding down buttons and seeing what I could find, and now it suddenly is weirdly discordant - I can’t figure out why.

Is there some sort of way for me to bring it back to factory defaults? I’ve been looking at the manual, but nothing I see in there is really helping.


When holding the two buttons ?


Don’t hold the two buttons.


Isn’t it the calibration mode ? I don’t remember where I see that


Now I want to push the two buttons…


It’s for entering the factory calibration mode. Don’t do it.


:grimacing: pussshhh


Had a weird thing happen with Plaits yesterday and during a live performance (of course! lol)
After about 25 minutes into my performance, it seemed to have crashed and was stuck/frozen on one setting. The knobs became unresponsive, if I pressed the sound select buttons the LEDs would change but nothing seemed to change the sound of Plaits.
I had cv patched into the Model, Morph, Trigger, and v/oct inputs. Wish I could send a crash log…
Wondering if anyone else has had something similar happen?
It seems like it’s fine now after powering my system off and on.


Are you sure you didn’t send a very positive or negative CV to the MODEL CV input, to the point that it overrode the setting manually controlled by the buttons?


Hi pichenettes, thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate your time.
The LEDs weren’t flashing to indicate CV in the MODEL input like it normally does. I had my MODEL CV source attenuated first. Once I suspected a problem I turned the attenuator all the way down and that didn’t change anything so I just unplugged the cable going into MODEL and it was still stuck. I clicked through a few different green and red sound settings and nothing changed.


Well if you find a way to reproduce this let me know! Certainly not something I’ve personally seen or heard of before.


I will see if I can’t recreate it and send an update if I can.
Thanks again for reaching out.


Have you tried frames? It should be possible to program set of four voltages in in a frame and then advance it to a next stage with 4 different setting with frame step control…


+1 for Frames!

You should be able store values for Timbre, Morph and Harmonics, as well as Model in a Frames frame. Great for building a monophonic drumset with just the one module. I’ve been meaning to try it for ages.


legendary unit, plaits… never owned a Braids before, but as far as i can see this module is far more “clean”! Only the drums algorithms worth the price…

no easter egg is sad news :slight_smile:


The easter eggs are the unexpected sounds you will discover on your journey with Plaits :):musical_note::musical_note: