Mutable Instruments - Peaks: 8 volts on both outputs?


My MI Peaks recently developed an issue.
Buttons and trigger inputs working just fine, I can switch between modes no problem.
Knobs are good too as I can see LFO / Drum , etc. activity by looking at buttons lighting up.

Outputs however are always 8 vols no matter what I do.

I re-installed latest firmware to no avail.

I assume some part has burned down, any idea what it can be?

Any help appreciated.



No, I can count the number of dead Peaks I have seen so far on the fingers of one hand.

You’ll have to send it back to me.


I’d love to but it’s a diy version. It was working fine for over a year. Still any help / ideas appreciated.


Repeat the calibration procedure.

Check the raw voltage right at the DAC output.

Check that the output op-amps receive -12V.