Mutable Instruments on SonicState. And, a new module..?

An interesting little article on our favourite synth company :wink:

(sorry, can never get clickable links to work here…)

The MI R&D workshop inspired the title of this track - can anyone tell me why?

I like the minimalist approach and tidiness :slight_smile:

Yes… Shockingly tidy workspace! That in itself is an inspiration! :wink:
Still, im curious about this new module… I don’t believe it is Warps…?

(Ps, thanks to whomever made my link clickable, no idea what I was doing wrong there!)

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warps is the one on the right. the new one should be Rings

I love how orderly the “museum” corner of the workspace is.

What mr_freeman said. Definitely Warps on the right in that photo.


Looks like the SQ-1 is connected to the new module ? Is a sequencer driving a sequencer or is it something else ?

Looks cool. Can’t wait to see what the new module is.