Mutable Instruments NODE event in Lausanne

October 19th, Lausanne, Centre culturel Pôle Sud.

Kit-building workshop; Modular Petting Zoo; Open stage.

More info here

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Finally small milk producing country where I live taken seriously :slight_smile:

I might be there but I assume all session will be in French ?

@pichenettes Will we be assembling SMR4-mkII ?

Yes, SMR4mkII. I might smuggle CVpals too if they are ready.

seems like the CVpal business went below my radar… is there some info about it?


Alu panels and PCBs currently in production, maybe ready in 2 weeks?

Do you think I will blend in to French speaking Synth nerds with my English ?

The soldering workshop will be mostly 1:1 interactions so it’s not a problem. The petting zoo either (we don’t even have a translation for that :D). The talk will be in french, though…

cool thanks. last question in unintentioned derailment: looks like there will be kits and looks like the jacks will have threadings?


I will be there @pichenettes and I hope nice French Synth geek friends will help me with my language issues.

So fun it was!

Pics here

I really freaked out - what to do in case of complicated assembly problems, what to do if 6 hours are not enough, but it went very smoothly… All voltage tests passed, almost all filter boards were okay at the first test, a few swapped or wrongly inserted chips here and there, connectors soldered on the wrong side, but nothing that we couldn’t immediately fix. Average build time was 5 hours.

Which makes me think that really, it took 3 years after the release of the Shruthi to get there? Getting people to build stuff together is so much fun.

Anybody interested in replicating this kind of workshop somewhere else?

Actually i’ve been asked to give a workshop building some diy musical instrument by the local fablab here. They want me to do something simple and not only for musicians but i myself was really thinking to build a shruthi. It would probably be 2 evenings then. And they can also laser cut their own case at that place.

@pichenettes: You’re always welcome to a DIY/Modular/Synth symposium at EMS here in Stockholm. We should set something up if you have the time :slight_smile:

How about doing a Workshop at schneidersladen?

First of all thanks to Olivier and NODE for this nice event

Couple photos from workshop where we assembled Shruthi-1

Couple photos from Exhibition time. I wish there was a demo unit of new Shruthi control interface

Couple of photos from conference part

Some photos from showcase and stage preperation and a short video from eurorack demos

it’s also fun to attend a workshop as a participant. i drove to Amsterdam to build a Benjolin a few years back. to host a workshop would be quite impossible atm since i own only 3 soldering stations but i’d always be happy to assist in troubleshooting / G.A.S. talk / building (my kit) / drinking Tannenzäpfle[TM]
it would also be cool to have a weekend or so to meet a few diy buddies and just build something together, maybe everyone something from their own backlog. there should be no lack of backlog, right?

Hi all, I Wonder about the frames module. Is it exist yet?
and what it does exactly?