Mutable Instruments @ Modular Square

I’ll be at Modular Square this saturday (June 30th, 14h - 19h). I’ll have two protos with me.

@fcd72 While there are a few things that are overlap, I still thing the SE-1X can stand on its own. It’s like owning a Oberheim/Minimoog in a box. On the other hand, Olivier’s stuff can sound just as good, if not better in some cases than a SE-1X, which is why I am very excited about what he is doing and will be buying up more MI gear in days to come. :slight_smile:

@fcd72 I myself own a Studio Electronics SE-1X Red Eye which is a fantastic rackmount synth, but could never justify buying a Code4 or Code8. Ambika seems to be the same concept as the Studio Electronics Code and the Ambika is insanely cheaper than a Code. Olivier is sitting on a gold mine.

Now you can sell your SE-1X . . . .

or follow me with my “i won’t sell anything because when i was young i totally suffererd from having not enough Gear” Approach that actually led me to own things redundantly like the MicroWaves . . . or the Shruthis…

@toneburst Take for instance the Cylonix Cyclebox. I owned one of these once and it was an incredible module. Now they are always sold out at Analoghaven. It uses the wavetable concept, but does not have any built in filters. Think of what Olivier could do if he released a single voice of the Ambika to the Eurorack world. He could easily sell something like this for $500USD or more. :slight_smile:

actually, you kind of advised him to move out of Paris. Money-wise, business-wise, it’s a good option, buat that involves a lot of other things. I don’t want any argument though, sorry if i offended you.

@Luap > let’s try not to get into olivier’s private life and make choices instead of him, that’s a bit insulting.

Excuse me??
I don’t especially care for his private life any more than he cares about mine. I didn’t mention anything about it. So how is that insulting?
I was talking about business practicalities.

@pichenettes I’m sure you have a lot more than 25 regular customers! Don’t answer that, it’s really none of our business.
Point taken though.

I’m surprised to hear you say you’re planing some Eurorack projects, given what you’ve said in the past. I don’t have any modular gear myself, and no plans to, but I’m sure you’d be able to come up with some great stuff for the platform! Might be a good money-spinner, too. People who buy modular systems are used to paying a lot for modules that don’t do all that much, so I’m sure you could beat the competition in terms of features, and be competitive on price, too. Plus, from my outsider’s perspective, it seems there’s already a much more well-established market for modular synth kit from small-scale niche manufacturers than there is for standalone all-in-one systems. Also, personally, what I’m attracted to in terms of modular synths is those modules that combine analogue and digital technologies in interesting ways- which is of course what your existing products do so well.


gwaidan is right about Studio Electronic Stuff - you should go where the Money is, so maybe its time for a 19" Ambika with some added Knobs?

@xtrmnt: yes, I plan to do a couple of Eurorack thingies.

Don’t take it badly, but how many of you would be ready to spend 5000€ yearly on Mutable Instruments gear? Because that’s the only way to sustain a business selling products that targets a small community of 25 persons.

@Luap > let’s try not to get into olivier’s private life and make choices instead of him, that’s a bit insulting.

>Why move abroad entirely, when just moving out of the city would solve at least some of the issues?

We’ve mentioned this earlier. Self-employed people have a hard time convincing people to rent to them. It is the same in most countries. Moving would mean convincing someone to accept you as a tenant. I would imagine that the moving process would also create disruption which also has a cost to it. If you are an employee you use your holiday entitlement, if you own a business you lose that time and money.

The other country discussion was more about taxes and getting funding. It can be cheaper to build up a business in other countries and there are less regulations.

Id Buy Mutable Instruments Factory Build Stuff just as well… maybe then id have some time to actually lake some noises instead of building things the i could use to make noise…

Why move abroad entirely, when just moving out of the city would solve at least some of the issues?
Plenty of nice & practical places in France outside of Paris!

@fcd72 good point. Of course, I solder stuff as a displacement activity, too.
What I should really be doing is carrying out my evil plan to take over the World.


I wouldn’t say the motherboard plus daughtercards concept is necessarily a burden that should be abandoned if you go surfacemount-the first thing that struck me when I read the Ambika description was that it was a “cheap and cheerful” alternative to the mega-expensive Studio Electronics Code 8 with its scalable voice cards and choice of filters, which is a great thing.

Yeah well, read it again for yourself. He said it was an emergency to quit doing DIY.

How else do you interpret that?

Yeah, Pichenettes makes it pretty clear that he has to start making money from this soon and it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen from DIY alone.



@Titus Raindrops that’s quite a doom-ladel statement…
I’m with fleetway76. I probably wouldn’t buy a pre-made unit, to be brutally honest. The point for me with Olivier’s products isn’t just that they’re great products (which they undoubtedly are), it’s that they’re great products I can put together myself. That’s the killer combination, for me. But I’m aware that even among synth enthusiasts, I’m probably in the minority in that. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would snap up an off-the-shelf Ambika, or something equivalent. The problem is that’s quite a different market to the one Mutable Instruments appeals to at the moment.

If Olivier has to move away from DIY products to make ends meet though, I obviously wish him the best of luck. I’m sure everything he comes up with in the future, in whatever form, will be as lovingly designed, clearly documented and excellent-sounding as the current projects.