Mutable Instruments Merchandise

If color gradient supported

and if not

those look great.

Amazing work schrab!

Wow! Those are some really nice exploded views Schrab!

That’s very cool, schrab. May I ask what software you’re using there? I’m thinking Sketchup.


@ toneburst
PCB’s: eagle->eaglup->google sketchup->collada export->cinema 4d
for nuts/bolts/standoffs i used blender (it has very good bolt generation module)
case and other stuff modelled in cinema4d (case from Olivier’s svg) than grayscale image was rendered with cinema4d sketch&toon render module.
resulting raster recolored in photoshop. LCD text is taken from Olivier’s Shrutivox photo, combined with final image in photoshop.

i’ve tried to export vector file from cinema4d, but it exports ALL lines, include hidden. Resulting .ai is about 40 megs and hangs up my 8gb’s ram quadcore pc, so i’ve decided to work with raster images.

oh man great shirts…

Definitely, really great exploded shruthi renders shrab. The colour gradient one reminds me of Global Hypercolor… retro colour changing t-shirts next?

Hehehe, my band just had a batch of hypercolor shirts made up!

I’m definitely getting either the polivoks board or an exploding/assembly shirt as a reward for myself when I sort out the issues I’m having building my Shruthi-1!

Yeah nice shirts! I like some of them!

thx Schrab

So… these are, like, $45 U.S. dollars after delivery?

Is there any chance those could find their way to the US spreadshirt site?

These are awesome. I would buy a shirt post-haste if these were at spreadshirt USA. But ~20 EUR + shipping to the states is too rich for my blood.

Very cool. Gotta add a big “me too” for getting them on the US site…

+1 USA

Just a sudden urge to draw something. Not not directly related but an allusion to Shruthivox i think. And definately State of Mind.

And this is the hand of the legendary Soldering Hero

@schrab Love it!

nice one schrab!