Mutable Instruments Merchandise

There has been some mentions of t-shirts and mugs and orther stuff in different threads. I would love a t-shirt, polo shirt or mug even with the Mutable Instruments logo or the Polivoks board logo/text to show my support.
Has anybody gone and done any merchandise?

I have just opened an account at spreadshirt, they need to manually check the files to verify they can print them… Should be online in 3-4 days.


So stylisch!


Lovely! Still, we need more platypus and capybara designs as well. Gonna go shopping soon :smiley:

wow, the wavetable shirt looks cool.

reminds me of the “unknown pleasures” cover.

Nice !
Is there any plan to make one with the ShruthiVoks girl (the one wearing the Chapka) ?

I am not making anything without the author of this drawing’s consent. Let’s wait until I hear from him…

Yes, that’s understandable. I hope it will be possible to make one, i like it !

pichenettes, you can use ushankised Saraswati with no restrictions.
На здоровье!

Where are the panties?

The wavetable thing really kicks-ass, want one!
btw. do you accept proposals for artwork?

Maybe something like this

or this

or this one

Schrab, these are great !
If it becomes available, i may get one, along with the ShruthiVoks girl…

wow, those are great!

yeah, thats great! I’ll take one :slight_smile:

Now on the merch store!

yeah totally awesome, great job Schrab!

Feel free to write your proposals.
Frequently my hands are itching to expand Shruthiversum™ as far as I can do that. And if i have time - i do it =)
Here is some byproducts, not suitable for fabric printing but i can’t hide this =)

2 3

The PCB models is quite crude - eagleup script have very poor library (based on google sketchup models) so i have to model jacks/switches and some components more precisely from scratch. But after doing that i can make 3D model of PCB in 3 mouseclicks.