Mutable Instruments Manual PDFs


I’ve spend a little too long creating PDF files of all the MI Euro module manuals, as exported from the site using the “Print this page or save it as a .pdf” button on each page, and saving off all the quick-start guides.

I’ve also created front and back covers for the manuals using the artwork from the quick-start guides. I’ve saved these as separate files, in case you (like me) want to print the covers onto a thicker stock of paper.

I find, when printing the manuals (but not the front and back covers), that printing them at around 85% size allows a big enough margin to prevent the left side of the text being obscured by the binding. Your mileage may vary, depending how you choose to bind them.

Download if you want from the link below.


ah good idea. let’s see how this squares up with and or completes my disparate manuals folders!


Glad you found it useful.

I’ve been (rather cheekily) printing out manuals on the colour laser printer at work. The local library does a binding service (glued spine, acetate front and back covers), so I’ll probably get the whole set done.




Thanks a looot!!! Thats fantastic…yes…fan tas tic!