Mutable Instruments graphics pack

I’m posting this here in the case design cathegory, since that might be the main application of these.
I put together a little pack with most of the graphics I have developed together and with Olivier for his amazing little boxes. There’s Indian dingbats and patters, the official logo and the official styleguide so you know how they are intended to be used.
The graphics have been made in part by me, and in part by my Wife Elizabeth (

You can find the whole thing on the MI WIki, right on the bottom of the main page:

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Thanks for this

thatk you very much …



Thanks Hannes!

you’re welcome ppl! Also thank Olivier, not everybody would have released all the stuff on creative commons like this!

Hello Papernoise,

as the wiki does not seem to be available anymore, is the pack available somewhere else?

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