Mutable Instruments Elements played from our new Wind Controller, the Sylphyo

Here is a short view of my Modular setup (limited to one Doepfer MIDI/CV module and 1 MI Elements module).

In front of it, you can see the Sylphyo, our new wind controller which is used to play Elements in the following sound clip :

Sylphyo playing Elements

And here you can find our Crowdfunding campaign launch today for this Wind Controller:

Sylphyo Crowdfunding campaign

I like it, the first clip is like modern day baroque music, electrobaroque! :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to pooh pooh this idea, but can’t you already get electric wind instruments, with MIDI?

Yeah, but it’s wireless :slight_smile:

It is wireless MIDI.
It is compact and lightweight (40cm, 400g).
It is as easy to play as a flute recorder (but we plan to integrate alternate fingering modes like sax, flute, clarinette, oboe, EVI, and probably irish whistle).
It really provide room for you breath to be get a user experience much closer to acoustic wind instrument: in other words, you really blow in the instrument.

For more advanced use, we provide extra controls : you have an extra slider available on left hand thumb and you have an internal motion sensor that can be mapped to 2 CC messages.

We are also working on an internal sound board to allow standalone headphone practice and thinking about providing the specs of this board to allow third parties or DIYer to design their own board to integrate in the SYLPHYO.

Regarding the internal sound board, we are thinking about providing the specs of this board to allow third parties or DIYer to design their own board to integrate in the SYLPHYO or allow DIYer to upload their own code in the SYLPHYO sound board …

Very cool but out of my price range at the moment.

Hi Hurolura,
Nice to see you around this parts as well. I assume you are the same nickname as on the midibox forum.

Looks very interesting indeed as i am a sax player. Especially the part where you have room to breath. I have a Casio DH100 atm which does not allow for that. Although similar windcontrollers are in the same price range atm this out of my price range as well.

Yes, I always used the same nickname.

MIDIBOX forum was more about different personal projects I wanted to discuss and share with the MIDIBOX community. But these other project have been put aside for the moment to concentrate on the SYLPHYO.

The room to breath point was the main issue with wind controller we wanted to solve, and I feel we got to a nice and comfortable solution …

So even the Super Early Sylphyo Adopter is out of range ? :wink:

Just a few days left for the Sylphyo crowdfunding campaign:

Sylphyo campaign

The last more “electro” style video available here:

Florian Becquigny playing the Sylphyo

Hi Hurolura!

Could you please fix that Soundcloud “Sylphio playing Elements” clip, I’m very interested to hear how the two instruments work together, but on clicking your link this message appears:

“Sorry! We can’t find that track…”

Thanks, all the best,


Link fixed …
This exemple is a quick achieved two layers clip done after playing around a few hours with the module and the Sylphyo. But there is more to do with this duet but I am currently missing time to make any other demo as I have to focus on Sylphyo production now …