Mutable Instruments "Elements" - Interactive Patch Sheet

Hi !

Just started in this addictive world of modular synth and with the arrival of my first module, a Mutable Instruments Elements, I realized it would be mostly impossible to remember each cool sound I would build in the future.

I felt a bit lazy about taking pictures of the setups so I decided to use my Max/Msp skills to build my own “Interactive Patch Sheet” standalone app to save and recall my presets.

Here is the results so far :


I need to check few things and will have a fully working OSX version ready to send some of you that would fancy to test it and see if everything goes as planned, but first, I would love to know if you guys think this is worth it ? Is something you would use ?

Thanks for your time guys, hope you enjoy it.

Good idea Damian!

Love your Rast Rack build video too!


Looks like the video is down, any chance you could reupload?