In this video I will show you 20 different sounds of Mutable Instruments Elements or Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer in VCV Rack. Lots of different sounds here from rhytmical to ambient stuff so have fun while watching! This synth voice was under my “module radar” quite a long time but now I’m realizing the massive possibilities in Mutable Elements!

Hey! I love the sounds and patches you make with Elements.
One thing I didn’t know about: Modes? Original, non-linear, chords? I had never heard about that! I knew there was a 4-operator FM synth as an Easter Egg, but had never heard of the modes! Do you know how to change them?

Thanks , and also thanks for the great video!

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Shoot! I answered my own question:

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Thanks a bunch. Going to watch it when I’m near wifi.

Elements as a “one man band”…
Enjoy! (or not :wink:)