Mutable gates double

I’ve noticed for awhile if I use the GATE output of Marbles or Stages to ping a module like Three Sisters or QPAS and more recently the Mimeophon, it pulses for the On and Off stages of the LED as if two gates are hitting the module.

No GATE INs think they’re receiving two pulses, this only happens when trying to ping. When I use a GATE OUT from the Falistri it does not have the same effect which makes me think it’s a digital issue…but then I used a pulse from Just Friends and it didn’t have the same effect.

Is there something I can do to not have this effect?

“Pinging” is having something resonate when the input signal suddenly changes. The rising edge of a gate and the falling edge of a gate are both sudden changes.

In order to not hear a sound at both points, you need either a very short gate (trigger) so that the two merge into one sound, or to use something more like a decay envelope than a gate (so that it rises suddenly and falls gradually). You can use a single segment of Stages (green, non-looping) to make decay envelopes.

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I don’t have much to add to the excellent answer above.

As an exercise, you can “listen” to a gate signal by connecting it to a VCA or directly to your mixer. You’ll hear that it “clicks” twice - once when it goes high and then when it goes low.

Because it’s a pulse and not a gate!

The documentation calls them “gate outputs”, but since they signal short events (the end of rise, and end of fall), it’s likely that they are either short pulses, or that they switch state and remain high for a long time.

I’m sorry I should’ve specified I know the difference of gate and trigger however, I thought if you minimizes the length setting on Marbles it would become a pulse. I also thought this was the setting with a Stages LFO all the way right on the pot but I see that’s incorrect.

Only on the X1 and X3 outputs, and if you also set the length randomization to 0.

No, you get a square wave!