Mutable FX

I know it is a wishful thinking, but Id really love to see Emilie’ s take on an effect unit to be integrated with the rest of the MI system. i know there is Clouds, although, maybe wrongly, I always looked at it more as a Synth.



I’m curious, if any of the planned modules is an FX module. Hmz. :smiley:

Taking vacations from “big bag of modes” modules…


Warps is a very creative take on a multifx type solution. Although maybe your’e thinking of more time-based effects?

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I think Mutable is this cleaver as fuck… solid and tight ecosystem. Clouds, though the granular was taken in a unique position as opposed to Nebulae (both amazing modules). One can think of Clouds as an effect, even incorporates nicely to the end of patch application of reverb flawlessly. Another in my personal opinion, Rings…? But both SO SO much more. :metal:t2:

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I have been using MI since my early start With Eurorack, in 2014 and I have currently 204hp of Mutable modules in my system: I absolutely love how they sounds and It is a true pleasure working on them because the layout provides such a great hands on experience!
I also love how they work extremely well together (reason why i decided to have a full dedicated MI rack).

I do not think it is bad by any means, don’t get me wrong, but despite the fact I owned Clouds twice, i have got to admit that it is my least favorite of Emilie’s modules.

I guess my original post was driven by the fact that I have multiple MI oscillators which all coexist on the same rack, and I wish I had an extra MI sound processing unit.

A fx unit would be nice, but just as nice would be a mutable low pass gate. Ala natural gate, but easier to get a hold of :slight_smile:

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What about the two flavours of low pass gate in streams? I find them to be very versatile.

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Forgot about streams! I like the one in plaits.

An analog one would be nice tho, but ill look into streams :+1:
Or, is it analog aswell?

Streams has an analog signal path, but the CVs that generate the response curves are digital.