Mutable Easel?

Hello everybody,

I have a 3u/84hp case and some Mutable modules (Marbles, Plaits, Stages, Kinks and Shades) and I’m looking for a way to stabilize my setup as an instrument that can stay as is for a while. I want to have something to explore and get good at, instead of an ever growing collection of modules.

As I already have a subtractive and an FM synth, I’m looking for something a bit closer to the Complex oscillator + LPG concept. I’ve been looking at several possible systems to take inspiration from (the Madrona Labs Aalto was the main one for a while) but right now I’m thinking that re-interpreting Buchla Easel might be the way to go. I plan on controlling this synth with a 0-CTRL which seems to fit this idea. I have come up with this Mutable only system which seems like a lot of fun, but I’m afraid I might have forgot or overlooked something. No reverb because I plan to either record without effects and apply them afterwards or use a guitar pedal.

I would love to have the feedback and opinion of this community about it!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Why would you use Ears for? Kinks might not be very useful here too.

I would replace Streams + Shades by a Veils + Ripples (more control on the filtering, and you can mix your modulations with some spare channels of Veils).


Thanks for the answer!

I was thinking of using Ears for its preamp/follower capabilities as there seems to be one on the Easel too.

I put Kinks in for the Random Voltage part, I know I can use Marbles for that, but it seems interesting to have a S&H source not connected to Marbles’ clock. Plus, the other utilities are so nice to have that it’s a good module to have in any system in my view.

I did not think of this Veils + Ripples combo, seems like a good idea, I’ll check it out!

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Maybe some type of multiple (Links) to be able to multiply the lower section of the Easel, where the connection of the sequencer, the pulser and the envelope are multipled all across the module. From my undestanding, even though the noise is also all along the lower part (the white one?) they’re all different noises, not the same signal.