Mutable Development Environment for STM32

This is likely a question for pichenettes or anyone using mutable as a way into embedded development.

I’m dipping my toe into the world of embedded music systems and I wanted to ask if it is a good idea to use the mutable development environment as a starting point for working with one of the ST discovery boards (the STM32F4 in my case)? I ask because it seems like it could be a better alternative to trying to get the toolchain up and running on mac using the command line - which isn’t officially supported by ST - and which so far I have failed to do successfully using numerous online tutorials.

So far, I’ve dug around in the stmlib folder of mutable github repo and discovered This contains a lot of useful references, but is obviously more complicated than I need to just build a simple blink example for my specific board - and I’m struggling to transplant the relevant stuff into a simpler makefile. Is there anything obvious that I’m missing that would make it quicker to get started? Any tips or thoughts greatly appreciated before I embark on more headbashing :slight_smile: is generic, you’re not supposed to modify it.

For each new project you include it, and set a few variables to specify the board/processor.

Okay, thanks I’ll look upstream at the makefiles within the individual modules and maybe things will become clearer about what to variables to set when just using the discovery board. I was a bit relunctant to mess with anything upstream in case there was some fundamental difference between flashing a MI module compared to a discovery board.