Mutable Dev Environment--Error127

I am trying to use the dev environment for the first time and am running into some mysterious hiccups… I’ve followed the instructions provided on the github page with assumed success, up to the final step of uploading. Seemingly no matter how I spin it, I get this “bin/sh: 1:openocd not found
make: [upload_combo_jtag] error 127.”
I am, at this point, not really sure what to address, i can’t really find anything about this error code. I’m using windows 8 and a nucleo board, but i get this error whether or not anything is plugged in.
Please forgive my ignorance in advance.

Looks like openocd didn’t install. There was probably an error message about that when setting up the development environment.

I see… I probably missed it amongst all the crazy Matrix-style computer stuff… Haha
How might I go about reinstalling it? Vagrant destroy? Or is there more to it?

Yes try vagrant destroy, then vagrant up to recreate it.

Cool cool, that was it… So simple lol
Thanks for your wisdom