Mutable dans le monde

Mutable très bien représenté chez MOOG AUDIO à MONTREAL.

I want that on a t-shirt. And as my desktop wallpaper.

Me too.


me three!

Fake Full HD version… did upscale/sharpen a bit. Not perfect but does the job :slight_smile:

He’s Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all’s slightly fresher cousin.

You mean this guy? :wink:

And in fairness to the people behind the images, they’re both shamelessly hotlinked from here.

They have a shop and everything (although I couldn’t find anything featuring mr. capybara, but maybe ya’ll have more luck). :slight_smile:

*I am in NO WAY affiliated with them, they just turned up when searching for a capybara on imagesearch (to preserve the tradition of adding capybaras to foreign language threads).

oh they are lovely!