Mutable Cuisine - Recipe of the Day for the uninspired Chef

Recipe of the Day: Bread with Onions + Nutmeg and Butter with Herbs, Chili, Garlic, Lime Zest and coarse Sea Salt

For the Bread mix approx 200g wheat flour (Type 405) 200g wholemeal wheat flour and a bit of rye wholemeal flour, add a spoon of salt, a spoon of sugar, loads of fresh grinded Nutmeg, dissolve a piece (42g its here n Germany) Bakers yeast in approx 500ml of cold water and and work everything to a nicely dough. Get a Kenwood if you are lazy. Add a pack of roasted Onions and knead again. Let sit for about an hour and reknead. Put a bowl with water into your oven and heat it to 225°C (not in the hurricane Mode…). Form you bread, put on a pice of Baking Paper and bake for about 45 Minutes at 225°, then lower the temperature to 160° for another 30 Minutes.
For a an excerpt on hot to make Bread properly read Locatellis Made in Italy (if you only have one book about cooking this is it!)

For the Butter take a pice of soft fresh (irish) Butter and mix with Herbs to your like, finely chopped Chilis, Zest from 2-3 Limes, and Gralic thats been crushed together with the coarse Sea Salt.

Schlumpf™ - Burger. Besides the Color.

No, actually they are small ,-)

Looks great Frank, as always!

My Wife wanted something she can easily eat while watching the Football EM Semi Finale (Spain vs Portugal, Spain won 4:2 penalty shootout although the Portugues ruled the game) so i did some Fingerfood:

MicroBurgers™ made from Feuiletage (Puff Pastry), left to right:

  • California Style: filled with smoked salmon, Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado and a bit of Yoghurt-EVOO-Fresh Herbs-Dressing
  • Mediterranean with smashed Avocado, finely cut Toamto, Balsamico, Olive Oil, Salt, Freshground Black Pepper
  • Italian salumiere (here its Prosciuto Crudo di Parmiggiano)


Express Strudel (made from Feuilletage), filled with Broccoli, Feta and planed roasted Almonds) with a Yoghurt-Mediterranean Herbs / Red Onion / OliveOil Dressing. I was lazy today…

Break means the Emulsion diverts into water (vinegar probably ;) ) and Oil… with even the slightest unstable - bit of Mustard it stays together much longer.
Make some experiments with water and a cheap vegetable oil and you will see.

Hmm. I do it all the time w/o mustard? Sometimes I don’t want that in the flavor, you know? It seems to hold together well enough? Maybe I am doing it all wrong but it still tastes good LOL!

Edit: it is not thick or creamy or much of an emulsification. It looks like blended oil and vinegar and whatever else. But it doesn’t break? Not before I eat it anyway!

By no means you should go without even a yoto of Mustard (as long as you don’t add egg yolk) as the mustard serves as a emulsifier - go try yourself, without any your Vinaigrette breaks within minutes, adding a bit stabilizes it.

That is the base for the best salad dressings. Once you know how to make that you’re set. A few variations once in a while, herbs, or a nut oil like walnut, or some strong cheese, or leave out the mustard sometimes. It’s the best.

Also edamame would be good in that salad!


Another Salad - this time from blanched green Beans, Serrano, Parmiggiano, finely sliced red Onions, Pistache and Dressing from EVOO, Balsamicoa and a bit of Mustard. A Chili would have been great though…

You might ask why i serve this always in a Glass: first its a psychological thing, it looks much more than it really is and you’ll have to eat it more slowly. Second this way i can control better in which order you eat it and create a better experience as if you would be able to just poke your favorite things.

Green Hot Dogs???

Unfortunately, I have always had an appetite that would allow me to eat almost anything. When I think of the shit, and I don’t use that term casually here, that they used to feed us in grade school, from the green hot dogs to the whatever it is that they call “city chicken”, I can’t believe I ate that stuff. But I did. Most of it anyway. I would not eat the green hot dogs. I guess maybe I had standards too, they were just really low.

Yup! Mad props to her for exposing nasty school cafeteria food, standing her ground and raising lots to charities.

Speaking of meals in Schools and Kindergarten:

My son was enrolled for the Kindergartens Meal Service and sometime more frequently came home hungry, sad and moody. While he was 5 years old and didnt wanted to say it wasn’t to his taste my Wife believed i was just a bit stubborn. I picked him up a few times to have a look at the Meals they were serving and i had to admit that i would not have enjoyed (sometimes even eaten) what they were serving. Even so the have a dedicated housekeeper and only buy fairly good stuff it seemed they managed to ruin everything, every time. Besides this the recipes are totally not appropriate to children, just some kind of PseudoÖkoBio kitchen but without any seasonal attention when it gets to sourcing perishables. So I decided to take him out of this and only 3 days later we hat our pleasant little devil back. Now we are makin ever Noon a quick simple dish and he loves to come home and have his meal with us - even if its not Fischstäbchen mit Pommes :wink:

Thinking of it maybe its my fault. There was this incident when we were at a Restaurant and he had Pasta with Tomato Sauce. As the waitress asked how he enjoys his meal he said the “Pasan Käse” tastes old and Daddy makes a better Sauce… both right.

All of my Repect goes to Martha today…

I may try making french fries in the duck fat… I forgot about that and they were delicious the last time. Mmmm. Duck fat… I mean french fries.

qp: I believe it was french onion dip. I stole the pic from tumblr. It’s not something I made (sadly). But I will be cooking soon…