Mutable 8tracks mix

not sure I am struggling with day and night jobs, builds (PreenFM, Klee, moudular stuff ) and power supplies …the multiple psu is in the post so i can link up the Shruthi, YM Edition and the Anunshri …get at least those three together and I will have something in no time.
So hurry up Mr Postie …

So… anybody has a new track? I don’t have anything contrary to adding a track of someone who already is in the mix… so let me know.

not yet but I will have - still juggling stuff - a module I am after has caught my eye …


Olivier just posted this one on facebook:
looks like we have lost the race for the first MI-based compilation… well it’s still not too late, one more track and we can go online…
edit: there’s a discussion about the other compilation right here on the forums:

hey hey, if its still possible I would like to join with a track completely made with one Dual SVF Shruthi sampled into an MPC :slight_smile:

oh yes of course! just send me a link or a file my email in case is hanzobyte (the funny round character with the a in the middle)

Nah never saw this topic before? How could this be???

october 2012, crazy.

I should stop spending time with women and spend more time on internet.
— jk I won’t. —

but still rumpelfilter, I’m sending you an email so we can discuss ideas

hahaha, yeah you can spend time with women and read the forums, but it’s probably not something you should do at the same time.
got your email… I think this could lead to something interesting! :slight_smile:

Anyway… do you think it is a problem if I use on or the other track from the contest in the 8tracks mix?

Ask the guys who made the tracks :slight_smile:

you’re right, I will!

hey rumpelfilter sorry I missed the final cut, not probably good enough anyway but this seems like a sensible thread to put a link to this , all sounds incl drums from anushri just one wisp of shruthi in background, fair amount of mangling in octatrack, all played live in one take last night when I should have been revising…
I’ve got another one in the pipeline which is a fair bit better but think that one deserves some actual attention to detail before I fire it off & haven’t got time before my exams, so if you do start getting another mix together any time in the future do let me know x jk
johnmatthewkelly at hotmail dot com

hi, your track is quite interesting, of course you can hear that it’s an improvised one but I’m kind of into this kind of sound. let me know if you have some new material.

thanks man! yeah rough and ready. am usually quite into multitracking things & mixing and mastering etc etc but it is another level of time required isn’t it, you can be there for hours & hours & so you are going to want to have takes that you’re actually happy with, multiple attempts etc etc… thanks for the interest in a doodle anyway. will PM you if I get any finished product together … x jk

Find this on the web 100% Shruti-1, great job i think ! :

MoShang Antarctica
MoShang Ode to Shruthi-1

oh yeah, I have added Antarctica to the mix some time ago, but thanks anyway!

thanks to flip I now have enough tracks to put this online! But i’ll wait a bit more because the Anafrog compilation was just released. So there is time for more entries!

BTW could you contact the anafrog participants?

yes I will! Don’t worry.
In the meantime, since I now finally have 8 tracks I can publish the mix as “not listed” so you can check if I have written all the info about your track correctly, here it is:

Please do not share this like just yet, thanks

@geishaballs: what do you think is the best way to contact the people? Through the Anafrog Forums? Can you point me at the discussion… can’t seem to find it…

then you can ask every participant at once.