Mutable 8tracks mix

Hi everybody, I’m setting up an 8tracks mix for stuff made with Mutable Instruments gear so send me proposals.
I’m doing this just for fun, and to show the world that DIY synths aren’t just fun to build and mess with, but can also be used to produce some great music (and I’ve heard some great pieces of music coming out of this community, so I know that this mix will be great!)

the tracks should use mainly instruments designed by Olivier (let’s say 70% could be a good share, but 100% of course is even better).
You can post a link to the track here, link can be soundcloud or whatever you want to use, would be nice if I can download the mp3 to upload it on 8tracks later.

Since everything needs a deadline, let’s say Sunday the 21st October is deadline for this.

looking forward to your submissions

I’m in Hannes !

Choose the track you want in my EP…and since you bought it, just use one of the digital track you can download using the magic code !

yes I have those thanks! I think the bonus tracks are my favourites, either interactive video game or submarine. I think it will be submarine in the end :slight_smile:

The 21st doesn’t give me time to finish my midi seq, dual svf (pcbs should be here soon) geez

There will be more mixes coming maybe. Don’t you have some old tracks?

ah, cool, a deadline! I’m in.

Several + 3 years ago I participated in a project called album-a-day. Fun concept. The album had to be 20 minutes or 30 songs (I squeezed 30 songs in 15 seconds) and you had 24 hours to write and record it. I made 4-6 I believe, all bad, under the name Pia-Muk. This story has nothing to do with what you are doing, rumpelfilter, it just reminded me of it. Carry on

fun project! We could do something like that here on the forums too :slight_smile:
but where is your track? :slight_smile:

I’d be more than happy to contribute some yellow coloring (or this)

Well, there’s one completed track I have at hand, but it’s just a (rather kitsch) introduction thing for a rock EP, not sure it’s really interesting. Anyway, it’s here - not sure it complies to the “70%” rule but it must be pretty close (of course the synth arpeggios are shruthis, but also the “clicks” and “ticks” and some noisy stuff). I can remove the part of the next song if desired (the clean guitar with delay).

not really 70%, but might work for you.

So Rumpelfilter ? Is the project still going on ?

yes sorry, had to put it on the backburner… but it’s totally going on!
I’ll be putting together a first mix in the next days and see how far I get…

Great !

The project is not dead… just sleeping :slight_smile:
I’ve uploaded some tracks already, but I still need some more, so who’s in? The presence of Mutable gear does not have to be 70% as long as it’s clearly distinguishable in the mix (i.e. not drowned in effects, or covered by 10 layers of sampled strings)
I would share the mix in the current state but I’d have to publish it first and i don’t want to do it until it’s not finished.ù

short update on the mix. So far I’ve got 6 tracks (I need at least 8 to put the thing online), here’s what I got, tell me if the track/band names are correct.
Boomtrapped - Submarine
Mo Shang - Antartica - Chromgelb
Val Pastel - Tied
11Hz Robot - Feigned Excitement (for which I don’t have an mp3 yet)
the sixth is one of mine (Creatures of the Night)

Two more tracks and it goes online!

Correct for Boomtrapped ! Thanks rumpelfilter !

good to hear you are working on it again.
correct for tied. thanks a lot.

well if nobody else wants to join in I’d say we just all add another of our tracks, what do you say? Tell which one it should be (and maybe give me the correct tags as you go)

@rumpelfilter I’ll give it a go , bear with …when is the deadline?

well, there is not deadline anymore, until when do you think you’ll have it?