Musikmesse 2015 News

New gear thread time again!

Roland Aria Modular???

I’d have expected that to come from Korg not Roland.

I wonder if it has real patch cables or just plastic ones which make a virtual connection …

Considering that it fits the form factor… Somewhat, I’d say real cables… I’m really looking forward to this…

Eyecancer ! I don’t like this colour scheme…

System 100M again?

>I’d have expected that to come from Korg not Roland.
I would indeed not be surprised if Korg came out with eurorack modules. Roland will probably have it’s own incompatible system.

There was something on this up on GS about a week or so ago. Expect moar leaks from various sources as we rapidly approach Messe…

I’ll be there on Wednesday as every year - to acquire some G.A.S.

Definitely Buchla format :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone here planning to go to musikmesse, btw?
i’m still undecided. i guess i could make it a business trip. but ffm is not exactly around the corner, and musikmesse is always so terribly noisy!

I will be there for Public day ( Saturday )

the layout of that big panel looks suspiciously similar to that of the Aira System1 plug-out thing, with red and blue jacks toppings…

@nightworxx I agree. I know taste is really subjective, but I find the neon green-black look of the new Roland gear darn ugly. In fact, that alone makes me discard the idea of getting any of these.

Yep, for me it’s the ugliest design on electronic music instruments I ever seen.

Oh, I dunno- the colour-scheme has a certain charm, I think. Having said that, they’re not going to play nicely with other modules in a rack, visually. Maybe that’s all part of the plan, though…


I like it. More blinkenlights. Then again, I’m very much the target audience - Teens to late twenties, male, infatuated with electronic music, not averse to digital stuff, and don’t have the disposable income for the originals.

Very good point V’cent.

The dangers of trying something new… I don’t know if taking your design cues from XBox or Tron is a good idea always, it’s certainly a bit garish. Then again, I’ve seen hideous things from various companies that have been worse.

Oh, I hope they brings us the big ole Waldorf Vakov, or dat JD-Xa or that Yamahahaha finally wakes up and smell the coffee. Maybe Vermona has something brewing? I mainly care about the modular stuff, who knows what may crop up.

I’m more thinking that the design comes from - Batman Forever. That terrible green colour makes Jim Carrey’s The Riddler pop up in my head, causing lots and lots och headaches. Nngh.