MusikMesse 2014 - Who is coming?

I will be there on March 15th Saturday.

Was planning on coming down, but it’s in the middle of me switching jobs :frowning: Hafta plan for it next year. Plus pay penance by going to Doucheland this summer.

Ill have to let this year pass……

like every year, here is my annual musikmesse warning:
if you are going, don’t forget to bring your ear plugs!

@fcd72 but who is gonna drink all those tannezäpfle with me then?

sadly i can’t be on 2 places simultaneously and i have to meet some customers in Hamburg…
But remember; theres always the Happy Knobbing where the Fischbach flows behind the Venue and you can just throw in your box of Tannenzäpfle to keep it at constant 7°C…

Happy Knobbing seems to be interesting. I might come with my case :slight_smile:

Happy knobbing is very…… i tend to say Übernerdy™

I will be there on wednesday 12.03. Ticket lies here on my table :wink: And no excuses !
Don’t leave me alone with my GAS !