Musikmesse 2013 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Earth (ADRESS LIST IS FINAL!)

I wish someone has decent coffee at Messe. Sludge that is drip-brewed and heated for hours isn’t nice… If I ever exhibited I’d bring a grinder, bags of beans and an espresso machine, or hidden-away Nespresso or similar pods.

I usually have a Nespresso with me when i exhibit…

I must admit that we don’t have hot drinks (for several reasons) at our booth. We usually have coke, juice and water.
I might reconsider to bring a Senseo from our office this year. :slight_smile:

may i ask which booth ‘our booth’ is?
[edit:] forget it, found it…

I most probably will be there too

mic.w “guys, just a note of caution: musikmesse is not fun. musikmesse is sonic hell.”

I know what you mean - I’ve attended quite a few over the years due to my SOS magazine connection, and sometimes I just had to go to the classical hall for a few minutes to chill & escape all the noise

Thankfully my connections also meant that I was able to go ‘inside’ quite a few of the large stands where they had sound-proofed meeting areas so you could hear yourself think


Well for one, I certainly am not thinking about going to Messe for the fun. It’s work… and work means sweat, pain and boredom :slight_smile:
edit: yes, I’m having a great monday today! I love working on monday morning! hahahah :smiley:

did somebody perform a lobotomy on you over the weekend?

well I don’t know, I don’t remember, I just woke up this morning with this weird feeling and some stitches behind my ear but they said that everything is ok…

Might be interesting, as I am in Germany that time - if I remember correctly. In Hamburg, though, and I must go to Berlin (Kendo european championship is held there). Sigh. Always too much at once.

Frank needs a tin foil hat, or the Aliens find him and take him back to Andromeda…

I have my personal protection radiator already in development, no need for a Foil Hat…


Yarr! I see the Teutonic audio trash unit PCBs and moar :smiley:

the thingie below the solenberg-torneheim quatum tweak-a-lizer is an esoteric approach to input for modularitis™
if it works you moght call me “don”

Oh bring it! Party keyboard looking like old Simmons pads… Color me touched…

oh yes… SIMMONS!

Linn anybody? Or a Simmons programmer? A small robot who can hit the pads?

actually i am collecting EMU Procussions…

Just purchased my ticket for Saturday. I will be identifiable by the tin hat and a t shirt that says “Pichenettes and fcd72 are my DIY heroes” (in very small writing)…