Musikmesse 2013 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Earth (ADRESS LIST IS FINAL!)

Fellow Shruhtizens™,

this years Musikmesse is from Wednesday, April 10th to Saturday, April 13th at the Messe Franfurt (akward Venue btw…)

This thread is for propagating your appearance, making appointments or just complain you live in the wrong hemisphere.

Tickets are available here
You want in any case a Fachbesucher Ticked (admission Trade) so you can enter on the non public days wich are in fact as much fun as a traffic jam during the rush hour. You may also book the Travel Package 2nd Class which gives you a Trip with the gorious Deutsche Bundesbahn from anywhere in Germany to Messe Frankfurt and back for additional 73€. Within the the RMV Area public transport services are included in any case, so if you enter Europe via FRA just hop into train S8 or S9 and exit at the Hauptbahnhof to change for S3, S4, S5, S6.

Advisory for our Scandinavian Shruthizens™: Alcohol is extremely cheap in Germany and readily available at any Gas Station 24/7.

Personally i plan to be there Thursday 11th from early Afternoon and 12th the whole Day. I plan to carry a Shruthi with me (visible according to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution ) stopping at Möøgs, Yamahas and Rolands Booth frequently, holding it high in the air and laugh at them

Who wants to join me?

Ah ah!

Might be fun… It’s a bit too early for me to be there as a “manufacturer” (I don’t want to announce anything unless it’s available for purchase the day after) - but might be a good occasion for a Shruthiversum meeting…

Maybe we can share a booth next year? :wink:

I’ll probably be there. I will probably stay at Ludwigshaven and train it to Frankfurt from there. I’ll arrive early morn on the 12th…

april you say? i’d say let’s meet on the second day you’re there.
about carrying resonance weaponry, is there a chance to plug in?

guys, just a note of caution: musikmesse is not fun. musikmesse is sonic hell. if you are serious about going there, don’t forget to bring your earplugs and lots of aspirin. every single booth trying to be louder than all the others. all those different instruments and musical styles mixing into one cataclysmic cacophony. i don’t know how those poor people who have to work there all day can survive hours and hours of exposure to that infernal din. trade fairs are never quiet. but musikmesse is the worst. it’s worse than cebit, aérosalon and farnborough air show combined. instead of “musikmesse”, it ought to be called “lärmmesse”. :slight_smile:
i’ve been there once - and i don’t think i’ll ever go again.

I’m still checking my finances and time availability… when is the worst time to go to the Messe? I suppose it’s the weekend, isn’t it?

incidentally, pichnettes - is there a rough timeline for these new devices being announced? summer 2013? autumn?

sounds like fun. i am in if i get a fachbesucherticket.

the synth floor at a music fair is bearable - I pitty those working on the drum floor at namm show! :-o

@ootini: if all goes according to plan, april/may.

Sweet! BTW, a Shruthi would be perfect for ‘concealed carrry’ synth permit. A musical society is a polite society.

April! cooool.

I’ll be there from tuesday morning till saturday evening when the show closes. :slight_smile:

oh my, so your one of those who have to be there all the time professionally. how do you cope? what’s your secret? drugs? zen? :slight_smile:

(double post -sorry)

For a couple of years now, hall 5.1 has been much quieter than “in the early days” of Musikmesse. There are also some strict regulations in regards of “noise level”. The problem is that on the last day (saturday) nobody cares about a possible “punishment” from Musikmesse since the show is through anyway. :slight_smile:

Of course I try to avoid the loud areas like guitars, drums and DJ stuff.

so we know where we can get our coffee from instead of buying this blurry sludge Messe Frankfurt Catering offer…

@fr(at)nk: glad to hear things have improved in recent years. i admit it’s been a while since i was there.