Music Thing Radio Music On Sale At Thonk

PCB and panel
Full kit

Just ordered my full kit :slight_smile:


Ordered mine.

Along with a module tester PCB (the irony…)

@pichenettes you mean you don’t keep a stack of spares of all your own PCBs?


Ran out of them :slight_smile: We’re moving to 4 testing positions at the factory. I might even have to design a version 2 of this thing!

Oh yeah! ordered mine as well, my Clouds is already being all excited about it, need to feet it from the FM radio for now to keep it calm

Arrrgghhh, couldn’t resist….damned my second order there this month ! I am getting poorer each month.

@rumpelfilter :smiley:
Do you have an FM radio Euro module? I have the RF Nomad (shortwave radio module), which is good for picking up static, but unfortunately, doesn’t seem to pick up much in the way of actual radio stations, here in London.


I managed to resist, I have a DIY kit backlog (about three or four kits) as it is.

Still looks pretty cool though.

Ordered. Will put all my favorite music on a card, put it thru Clouds and slowly modulate everything like hell - who need chemical drugs?

@6581punk I have a growing backlog of projects to finish, too :frowning:


I did not manage to resist … yay !

Shall we start a Backlog Competition? Align all your Backlog PCBs with the short edge side by side and measure the length, the longest wins :wink:

@toneburst: no I don’t have one… I was referring to an actual radio :slight_smile: I did see the RF Nomad, but I think my modular is pretty capable of making sounds like this even without it :smiley:

Ordered. Woohoo

I resisted then gave in lol. Euro stuff is at least quicker to build.

Oh, c’mon. Damn it.

@pichenettes, please make an MI module called “loops” that does this properly – cv control of tape speed including reverse, with an audio input for high quality recording of signals at line to eurorack levels. I’d love to have a few simultaneous loops going at once! Maybe an independent output for a metronome out (trigger out) if there is a global tempo. I love loops that act like tape, speed up == pitch up. This time stretching stuff is now officially cliched, back to the past!

Maybe I need to integrate my OP-1 into the rack. Radio to tape loop is very simple with op1. I keep forgetting about that box, I don’t like the digital lofi of the main instruments, but live sources, the radio, the tape and the CWO effect are really top notch.

+! for that! I’ve thought for some time that properly hi-fi looper module is something that we need for the Euro format.


Once it gets too advanced it starts to sound like a sampler though.

@fcd72 ok, populated boards horizontally, bare boards vertical?