Music Mastering

Hey all! I recently switched to mastering as my full time job (because of the situation we are in). I master all types of music, I would love to master some of the music you all have made! If you message me on my site be sure to mention mutable and i’ll master songs for $20.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


After 5 years I finally got around wrapping up a synthesis+field recording based called Intimate Spaces. It’s one of those project one keeps working on in short bursts, getting held up by life again and again.
Initially I thought I could handle the mastering myself. But I quickly realized that that first of all, I have too much to learn still, and second I would not have been able to complete the project without some external help.
So I went to @popsplat and asked him to do the mastering, and I have to say that it turned out to be a very good decision!
The whole process turned out to be less than smooth, because I did the mixing myself and – again – there was a lot I still needed to learn. But @popsplat was super nice and helpful, and also thanks to him (and to @jlmitch5) I was able to do a proper mix in the end, which I’m pretty happy with!
It’s been a great learning experience for me. I also realized during the mixing process that sometimes my right ear hears a little less than the left one, shifting the strereo spectrum a bit. This of course made it quite a challenge to properly pan and balance things. I did find Can Opener from Goodhetrz a pretty invaluable tool to get this done (again thanks to @jlmitch5 for the tip!) because it gives me a visual representation of the sonic spectrum on the stereo field.
In the end, the masters turned out just like I had wanted them and the overall experience was great, so I can only recommend his services!

Intimate Spaces should be coming sometime in September (mid-end). I’ll post some making-of videos in the meantime, if anybody is curios about it.


Awesome congrats @Papernoise excited to hear the finished product!

It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to master!