Music Makers South Tyrol

So finally we can show this video from our Music Makers South Tyrol event, which we held about a month ago. The video mainly focuses on the live performance part, but we also had a recording space and a circuit bending workshop going on (you can see a couple of shots from that at the beginning.

In order of appearance you can see:

Stressfaktor Lärm playing his bent Bontempi System 5

Mata Hari (with support by Kurodama) on his Pro One synth and Roland 707 drum machine

Kurodama vs. Ubumaic on a lot of noisemaking boxes: Mutable Instruments Anushri, Shruthi-1 Dual SVF, Atari Punk Console, Doepfer Dark Energy, NWS Chaos Engine, OTO Biscuit

Akirasrebirth providing the excellent lo-fi visuals with HSSJ3, some homebrew Arduino software, pyramixer.

The video was shot and edited by Sara Masè

And here’s some pictures: Music Makers South Tyrol gallery

The g+ page can’t be accessed. At least by me. Going to have a look at the video…

Getting a 403 on the site as well :confused:

hmm could be that you have to friend the owner first… don’t know. maybe I’ll post them to my blog as well

Photos can now be seen here on my blog:

Nice, looks like great fun. Do you know what is used for the visuals other than a HSS3i?

nevermind, its there in the ending credits :))