Music Discovery!

I’m always interested in getting suggestions for new music from any new group of people I haven’t interacted with much. And, noticing that as best as I could tell there wasn’t a thread about it, thought I’d start one so people could share favorite artists, groups, songs, genres, or anything of that sort. Kinda helps with getting that fresh perspective that comes with new people, and keeps me from getting stuck in a lull with specific groups or genres.

So I’ll start out with some of my favorites that I think are a little under the radar (at least they were under mine until I found out about them,) and try to refrain from posting the super obvious ones. At least for me I’d like this to be more of a “Holy cow, I’ve never heard of these guys and they rock! Thanks!” kind of deal then it being just a measuring the length of our playlist kind of thing. =)

Aes Dana
Aidan Baker
The Black Dog
Boards of Canada
Carbon Based Lifeforms
Christian Gleinser
Darshan Ambient

So that’s what I got to start with. Look 'em up on youtube or wherever, would be awesome to hear if you hadn’t heard of a group before and dig their sound. Looking forward to hearing some new stuff!

Some stuff from 2011 I particularly loved:

Hong Kong in the 60s - My fantoms
The Advisory Circle - As the crow flies
Etienne Jaumet – Satori EP
Austra - Feel it break
Little Dragon - Ritual Union
Cornershop - Cornershop and the double ‘o’ Groove Of
The Sea and Cake - The Moonlight Butterfly
The High Llamas - Talahomi Way

If you like Black Dog (I do!) then check out Plaid. I think they were a part of the Black Dog some time ago. Pretty much all their albums are superb :slight_smile:

I was unimpressed by this year Plaid’s release. Another big let-down was Biosphere’s “N-plants” (though the whole concept behind the album freaked me out). If you like Plaid, check Kettel (Myam James pt 1 & 2) ; and Ochre (very beautiful melodies… this year release of his early works might interest people into chiptunes).

That would be last years release then :wink: Actually I liked it, but hey, each to their own!
I’ll try and check out some Kettel and Ochre…

Take a listen to Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall cities. Also, if you want to hear something new, check out where there’s whole albums available. Some of them are really good.
I listened to “Tunguska Electronic Music Society - Chernobyl Retrospective” recently and that was different, in a good way. :slight_smile:

Great thread! It was about time somebody started this!
So these are the people I liked in 2011 (for very different reasons)

Aarvo - The Patient. Aarvo is Cormac Phelan, who after some acoustic sounding electronically produced albums (with the thirteen moniker) has gone the more electronic road with sounds that range from ms-20 style analog sounds to gameboy arps. Great album (there’s only one yet) melodic beat-centric but with a certain personality

May Roosewelt - Hauted. As the title sais, a haunting, dark and melancholic album by a great thereminist.

The Horrorist - Joyless Pleasure. Oliver Chesler doing a more personal and less danceable album, with some really weird and some quite enjoyable tracks. I like like weird retro 80s style stuff, so I liked this one… but you might as well hate it. I even did a remix for the Joyless Pleasure Remixed album btw.

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter. Did I ever mention that I love John Carpenter? So I also really liked this album… it’s from 2010 I think… but I just discovered it

The Cowboy without a Horse - Red, Green, Blue Box. A local band from Bolzano (where I live). They mix spagetti western sound with more modern, electronic sounds. Their lyrics are funny and the music flows nicely.

Modified Toy Orchestra and Roth Mobot in 2011 I dug deeper into circuit bending and listened to a lot of performances. There are the two bands I think made the most out of the genre, with very different approaches. What I like about the MTO is that they are able to perform written music on circuit bent gear and produce regular albums which is almost swimming against the stream. On the other hand Roth Mobot have this ability to walk in perfect balance on the thin line that divides noise from music, order from chaos, in a way that you can’t really tell if it’s one thing or the other… or both.

Dubmood - Badlands I kind of stopped listening to too much chipmusic (is bad for my brain) but this Dubmood album really kind of trascends the genre. It’s his first album using real vocals (and not just samples) and he does a pretty good job at creating something enjoyable, kind of pop but still refined and peculiar, while using all the 8bittish sounds people love him for.

Awesome, this thread is already teeming with wonderful new soundscapes!

Really loving the Plaid/Kettel/Ochre combo punch, Ochre especially. And the Biosphere reference blew my mind as I had totally listened to a track or two of theirs with a buddy of mine while we were at airborne school and had completely forgotten the name until you said it. Been trying to remember for a while, to, haha. Will have to make some time tomorrow to listen to the rest!

@rumpelfilter: you’re up in Bolzano? No way, I’m stationed in Vicenza and have been through there quite a few times, and up into Kastelruth (all beautiful places thereabouts.) You should let me know if there’s any good electronic scenes up there, can’t find squat on my own down here.

skrillex is totally huge underground here on the west coast, totalled the club he played in last january (in a good way).
Try some ancient old school (1930s!) like the Bode Sound Project. On Ah lots of props to Robert Rich’s Medicine Box. His visit to the PNW synth show showed off a fabulous tiny modular travelling rig (various youtube interviews) that mixed cs-80 fuilters with a morphing terrarium and other invovatiove modules.
NYC’s Bang on the Can are celebrating 25 years and have a free download NOW of their double cd (Feb release).
Muffwiggler’s free Buchla compilation here:
we did a whole thread on analogue heaven about who’s great in Japanese anime film soundtracks if you want a new area, its in the archives as new film soundtracks and anime sound design it kinda evolved

Oh and after not liking push the button I saw Hanna and was sure the tracks were swedish or icelandic em due to the playful innovative tonalities and sparse thoughtful arrangements. Daughter brought me back a lot of Icland only cds the other year.
My jaw dropped when the end titles rolled and it said Chemical Brothers. I was so totally wrong. I like it a lot.

I agree, the Plaid is quite uninteresting (at all).
Biosphere N-plant’s is not so bad, a couple of steps below “autour de la lune”, rather predictable and less minimal than the previous ones, but still enjoyable…
Indeed, Kettle is an euphoric melody craftsman :wink:
… And yes, “Zombie Zombie plays J Carpenter” is amazing (it is Etiennen Jaumet’s band, by the way) !
I’m quite a lot into Boxcutter, at the moment, and i also like some tracks from Ital Tek’s Mignight Colour, and Kramphfaft… also Dorian COncept.

Great thread. Adding a few others I really enjoyed recently.

DNN - When Things Stop to Move
Semiomime - From Memory
Inofaith - Dawn is Late
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
Nils Petter Molvaer
Bonobo - Black Sands

I just remembered that I also have some mixes on 8tracks! There’s only 2 of them as of now, and they’re both chipmusic oriented (one focusing on weird covers another one on more danceable party stuff).
You can check them out here:


For boys/girls into the noisier side of diy:

No clue how to embed it.

Any of you using this is my jam? I’m pichenettes over there.

Nice find pichenettes - following you now (thunderbug - my other, other handle)

Good thread!
It’s very hard to figure out what are my favourite - i’m listening a lot of different music. But according to 7 years of statistic my all time favourite is Shpongle. Without a doubt Simon is musical genius!

And last year top 5 is
Kino Oko
King Midas Sound (Ninjatune is my favourite recording label)
Gus Gus (Arabian Horse is brilliant album!)
Liquid Stranger
Kingston Wall

UPD: just looked at stats =)

I know it’s in no way ground-breaking, but for sheer synth goodness, The two albums by John Foxx & The Maths (Interplay, The Shape Of Things) take some beating. The ‘The Maths’ part of the duo, otherwise known as Benge, has an amazing studio, and also released a rather nice album a few years ago called ‘20 Systems’


Also these guys are quite cool live. They do all the music, plus visuals with a load of ZX Spectrums.