Murmux by Dreadbox, The Greek Synthesizer

Recently I found out about those Murmux Synthesizers and I liked them a lot in terms of sound and design.

There are three models aviable (Initiate, Semi-Modular, Pedal Synth). All of them are handmade and you can get them at Thomann, if you want.:wink:

Here are some demos:

Further information:

I always liked the look of these but they are quite pricey!

Very expensive, and clad in hipster attracting material…
I kinda liked the idea at first, until I realized that ultimately the customer pays for the manufacturers silly ideas, and 1,1k € is a bit dear for my taste… Then again, if I were filthy rich, I would consider buying it… But as it stands, I can think of many eurorack modules I would rather buy with that money…

Kinda cool sounds though… Darn…

Cool but way too much for what it is.

Yes, unfortunately. I can’t afford them either.

I like the way the case looks, it matches the faceplate well.The sound has a nice character that does not sound like comparable synthesizers, but that isn’t enough to make me want one.
My main issues with it are the saw/square only oscillators that are all too common on high-end, small-batch synthesizers and the limited “Initiate” model. I don’t see a reason to get a small version. It may make sense if it had the semimodular aspect for expansion, but it doesn’t.

The Shruthi can get really nice analogue sounds with extremely flexible routing if you use an external VCO. If you use one that has a MIDI patch bank you can synch up the synths and have all the settings saved!

Ooooh, didn’t know of these! Thanks audiohoarder.

@ParanormalPatroler: You didn’t know that there were VCO synths with midi patch banks?Unfortunately there are no modular ones that have midi memory. Maybe certain Buchla systems. The real trouble is making sure your Shruthi and external synth are synched up. Don’t be surprised when you can only use the first 64 to 127 patches and be synched. You can make a backup of your Shruthi patches for each one you use. Be prepared to use a lot of SYSEX backups, haha.

@audiohoarder: I did not know there were people in my beloved Greece making synths; it’s a refreshing prospect for a country on the down and out. Personally I don’t have much use for these as I own a Eurorack system & I am a MIDI nut so these fall in the middle ground and leave me uninterested. The company is a sight for sore eyes though. :slight_smile:

I too am happily surprised about these synths being made. It just saddens me to see the price they request for them, I would have loved to see something like this being made that I could justify price-wise. I know from personal experience that synths in Greece are pricier than in other EU countries, maybe their project is aimed at their local market?
I found out some time ago about atomosynth, maker of synths and modules out of Peru, and I loved the idea of stuff made out of unexpected places.

@Varthdade: I doubt that they’re aiming for their local market. As far as I know that part of the synth world is completely overrun by supporters of “ignoramus et ignorabimus”, hence the tear provoking prices. But let’s not go into it here.

Seeing as these guys participated in NAMM2014 they probably intend to spread their market to other countries, somewhere where they’ll be appreciated. The hefty price tag might have to do with their inexperience in (out)sourcing manufacturing, or the fact that Greece doesn’t provide a good bed for such endeavors; at least not yet. How are their pedals compared to other boutique companies?

On second thought, you are right ParanormalPatroler, they were at Namm14, so they surely aim for the world, I just think they would have a great success as a boutique maker with a better price structure.

Outsourcing could be an issue, I remember they were a duo, with one making the electronics and another making the nice enclosure. I am all for appreciating luthier work, but they must surely have realized in that same Namm14 that they were not competitive among small batch manufacturers.

I too would love to have them succeed, I plan on visiting them when I go there too, wether I buy their stuff or not.

I am also curious about their pedal price range.

@Varthdader: Let me know when you’re visiting Greece and maybe we can go together :wink: I’d be interested to checking their shop as well.

@ParanormalPatroler: No need to thank me, I didn’t post the thread, haha. :wink: That is why I thought you meant the MIDI VCOs.
I always like to see new synths with bold design choices, but the actual synthesizer could use a bit more instead of just the design. I hope they will add a few semi modular hookups to the Initiate version in the future.

ParanormalPatroler: Sure! Still don´t know exactly when, but will let you know.

Will for sure post any additional info here if I find out more.

Let me know too. I live in Greece, so I’m in for a little trip to Athens.

A friend of mine got their small semi-modular and said the sound is worth the price of admission. Very eager to check it out firsthand.

A demo of their latest synth EREBUS. It sounds great if you ask me! They didn’t announce the price yet, but I hope that it will be more affordable.

Wow, now that is cool! They did put CV patching on one of their smaller synths, and it has MIDI to boot! It also looks like it does parapohnic MIDI to CV. That is pretty damn awesome! I also like the color and logo of this synthesizer.

The sound is still unique, and there is even a triangle oscillator. Yay. The addition of the echo opens up some cool soundscape possibilities. They even let the new echo and 12dB/Oct filter self oscillate! If only there was some stereo spread on board, but running the synthesizer though an external stereo chorus unit is always an option.

The manual is very good too. They make it quite clear how to get the most out of this synthesizer. even tuning it for your local climate. The back panel comes off to reveal a dip switch for MIDI channel selection and various trim pots for fine tuning. As it is all though-hole, I wonder if they will release a DIY version? The schematic in the back has no values or traces. :frowning:

It seems so dreamy and smooth. This is definitely a synth I would use for both mono parts and as a polyphonic sampling source.

Now to await the price point. Here’s to hoping!

They’re doing interesting work, to say the least. :slight_smile: