Multisampling Shruthi


I’m currently sampling some Shruthi sounds to use with my Raspberry Pi sampler (see this thread).

Is there a fool-proof method for getting loop points right? I’m finding the zero-crossing points, but still seem to be ending up with pops and clicks.

Any tips for technique or software to use are welcome. I’d also be interested to know how people got around this back in the hardware days?

Nice articles

Tweakheadz - The Secrets of Great Sounding Samples
S.O.S - The Lost Art of Sampling

Play a note whose frequency is an exact multiple of the sample rate.

If there’s a lot of modulation going on then it makes it harder to get a good loop. Also sweeps will make harder too.

Ping pong loops help too.

It seems there are these Software options :

Mac - AutoSampler now part of Apple MainStage

Windows - Samplerobot

With most of today’s hardware it’s much easier to create an unreasonably long sample instead of trying to find The Perfect Loop.

@pichenettes’ advice is good, but only works well as long as you’re not playing a sound with detuned oscs. Or chorus. Or a bit of reverb. Or a lot of modulation. Or…

Finally, obvious looping can be an interesting aesthetic choice in and of itself.

Thanks- this is all useful stuff. I’ll have a play around and see whether I can improve the patch I’ve made.

Well in the end, t2k’s ‘long sample’ method seemed the simplest, and it’s not like I have to worry about running out of space on the usb drive I’m using. 1 minute samples did the trick for pad sounds; still got other avenues to explore with regards to looping and velocity. Thanks everyone!