Multiple Voicecard Question

Hopefully i masked this question properly by the threads title, here we go:

Would it be possible - given a stable Power Rails (did i say Meanwell??) and modifications/additions to the Audio Mixing circuit - to run 2 or more Voicecards in Parallel in each slot?

I know I’m evil…….

I don’t know if you’re evil, but for sure you haven’t learnt the lessons from the Shruthi XT :slight_smile:

Solution 1: just stack more voicecards and assign them to the same SPI mux slice (the lower A/B jumper).

Because of the way the SPI bus works, the UI page for voicecard firmware version and SD upgrade will behave in unexpected ways.

Solution 2 : build a voicecard without MCU, and “steal” all the CV / oscillators / 405x routing bits straight from another voicecard.

Year, I’m pretty resistant when it comes to learning new tricks - I’m an old pony.

Solution 2 is even more evil, kind of evil^2 - and i even haven’t thought of that. How many kilometers do you think one could extend the SPI line?

> How many kilometers do you think one could extend the SPI line?

It’s quite sensitive. I’d say no more than 10cm…

Thanks for the insight!

Are you building a stereo ambika, frank?

Just thinking over one or another thing…. you know, my life is without any problems, so i tend to make some myself

You know the world needs an Ambika programmer :slight_smile:

its sad to see the 7th spi port lonely without something to connect…