Multiple Stages Easter Egg

Note that the GND pins of module 1 and 2 can be connected together by a F-F jumper cable, but you can even ignore this cable (the return currents will flow through the bus board, contributing some small amount of digital noise, this might not be an issue at all).

You’ll need a DPDT switch.

Also, I think I’ve seen on muffwiggler a hacked firmware version where the easter egg can be toggled on/off with a button press. Not sure how it behaves in a chain, though!

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This is it - that’s what I meant. Thank you. Can I repost the picture on muffs?


Another question:
Stages manual mentions a ““dummy” patch cable ( or just a jack with no cable attached to it)”.
What does it mean - can I use a “virgin” 3.5mm plug with no wiring?

Just a patch cable with nothing attached on the other end.

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You say a DPDT switch. Also for a single Stages Easter Egg mode? So a single switch switching red OR yellow open/close and have yellow OR red connected/looped (besides black) does not work(?).

Is it enough to place the switch only on one of the three wires? ( I have only a one circuit switch at home) if yes, which one? thanks

Is your question about a single module or a chain?

Single modul only

Actually, I am not sure. I don’t think it would work. Why don’t you try it? It doesn’t matter if you’re putting the switch on the RX to TX or TX to RX line. You won’t break anything, at worst, the module will be in a weird state where it thinks it has a left or right neighbor while it doesn’t, but it won’t destroy anything and it’ll get back to normal once you reboot it!

Okay, I will see, maybe I will try it thanks!

A year on, I finally did the switch mod. Is it correct that only the first module switches to the Harmonic Oscillator mode ?

Yes. A module switches to the harmonic oscillator mode when its is chained to itself.

As you can see on the drawing, the no position of the switch allows the second module to be chained to itself.

Thanks - Just wanted to make sure I got things wired correctly; Is there info/manual for the Harmonic Oscillator mode?

It works!

Can someone explain what easter egg is in stages ? I am maby dumb but dont understand the term :slight_smile:

From a thread on MW:
A search for “Harmonic Oscillator” should help you…

Ouroboros mode : an Easter egg that completely changes the module behavior, turning it into an harmonic oscillator with up to six harmonics. Left-most Time/Level input is the 1V/oct input, left-most slider is for coarse tuning, knob for fine tuning, button can be use to select six different waveforms, bottom output is the main audio output. Each of the next five channel is an additional harmonic: knob select harmonic ratio, button is waveform, slider is volume, Time/Level input is a VCA, output is its own individual audio output. Super, super fun. On my modified firmware you can access this mode at run-time (and go back to normal) by very-long pressing any of the six buttons, you will notice because all the LEDs will change suddenly. The original firmware requires turning the module off and connecting some pins on the back of the module.

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Same that a crazy mode, do the firmware make the module normal just this change is Made? Where do i gett this firmware? :slight_smile:

You don’t have to update the firmware to use the easter egg. You can also access it by chaining the module to itself using the connector on the back.

Aaa ok, do you have a pic to show me how to if i onely have one module.