Multiple Stages Easter Egg


I recently bought Stages which I am enjoying immensely, I was wondering seeing how you can chain 2 or more together, what would happen if say , you had 2 chained together, could you put the pair of them into easter egg mode by connecting the out from the first Stages into the in on the second stages? Am I being stupid or would this brick the modules?


Nice Freudian slip you have there in your title! :slight_smile:


But isn’t that just normal operation?


I perhaps was not very clear, they are already chained together, I meant the out from the second one back into the first one!


Typo I’m afraid!


The easter egg mode is activated when a loop is detected in the chain.

So if you link the second module back to the first, you’d end up with 2 modules in easter egg mode.


Thanks Pichenettes