Multiple Stages Easter Egg

I recently bought Stages which I am enjoying immensely, I was wondering seeing how you can chain 2 or more together, what would happen if say , you had 2 chained together, could you put the pair of them into easter egg mode by connecting the out from the first Stages into the in on the second stages? Am I being stupid or would this brick the modules?

Nice Freudian slip you have there in your title! :slight_smile:

But isn’t that just normal operation?

I perhaps was not very clear, they are already chained together, I meant the out from the second one back into the first one!

Typo I’m afraid!

The easter egg mode is activated when a loop is detected in the chain.

So if you link the second module back to the first, you’d end up with 2 modules in easter egg mode.

Thanks Pichenettes

I have 2 mutable Stages. How can I wire it with switches so it can be switched between harmonic oscillator mode ( self patched on one module ) to chaining two modules for a 12 segment stages? I am seeing a 2hp panel with switches next to the pair of Stages.

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You can’t because the module only detects how it is linked to neighbors when it is powered on.

Forgive me, but still a noob here - so if I place a switch on each of the connections, would that not boot into the modes as the module is powered on, depending on the switches being on or off?

Yes, if you don’t want to switch while your system is powered on, this would work.

Ok, cool. So the next question would be how to wire a another 3 switches with a second stages so that when switched to on ( and the other 3, the harmonic oscillator,are off ), and the modules are powered on to become a 12 segment stages. So its either that one stages is harmonic and the other is classic, or both are classic with 12 segments. Hopefully this makes sense.

Note that the GND pins of module 1 and 2 can be connected together by a F-F jumper cable, but you can even ignore this cable (the return currents will flow through the bus board, contributing some small amount of digital noise, this might not be an issue at all).

You’ll need a DPDT switch.

Also, I think I’ve seen on muffwiggler a hacked firmware version where the easter egg can be toggled on/off with a button press. Not sure how it behaves in a chain, though!

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This is it - that’s what I meant. Thank you. Can I repost the picture on muffs?


Another question:
Stages manual mentions a ““dummy” patch cable ( or just a jack with no cable attached to it)”.
What does it mean - can I use a “virgin” 3.5mm plug with no wiring?

Just a patch cable with nothing attached on the other end.

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You say a DPDT switch. Also for a single Stages Easter Egg mode? So a single switch switching red OR yellow open/close and have yellow OR red connected/looped (besides black) does not work(?).

Is it enough to place the switch only on one of the three wires? ( I have only a one circuit switch at home) if yes, which one? thanks

Is your question about a single module or a chain?