Multiple Shruthis sharing the same power supply

I am quite confident the answer to my question is yes but I just want to verify.

Would it be possible to use a single power supply for two (or more) Shruthi’s? Providing of course that the supply is strong enough.
Looking at the schematics I would think it should be no problem since the negative pin of the supply is GND and we are not messing up any floating grounds or something like that.

I was thinking about that too, but decided against it in the end. I think for 1,2 or 3 Shruthis its no problem, but I wouldn’t recommend it for more.

i am curently useing a 1A 7.5v switching power supply from ebay for runing 3 shruthi’s seems to work allright havent had any problems with it yet

it’s ok to use a daisy-chain with several shruthis

just to see, I was able to power 4 shruthis from a 9v 1A supply - I wouldn’t be surprised if I could run 5 though. I have a 12v 100ma adapter that has no problem powering a single shruthi-1 and appears to be able to power 2 of them.

I wouldn’t try powering several shruthis with a single 12v 100mA adapter for a long period… unless you didn’t put the screen or did a typo :wink:

Check here also :

oh yes, I powered up 2 shruthis (with LCDs) on the 12v 100ma for only a moment just to see if it would actually do the trick, I’ve used that adapter with a single shruthi for extended periods without trouble but if I actually tried to seriously use it for 2 I would be watching things quite closely! hahaha