Multiple CVPal Modules

Anyone using multiple CVPal modules at the same time? Does it work OK? Any issues?
I ask because at one point, I had two identical USB MIDI interfaces connected to my MacPro, and all kinds of weirdness used to happen (messages intended for one interface appearing out of the other one, etc.).


What did you see in the Audio MIDI Setup control panel? two interfaces or one?

@6581punk Two different interfaces, but they didn’t work properly, so I eventually just sold one of the interfaces and got a different one. I’ve since discovered that I could have just connected the two identical interfaces together via a serial cable, and it would have shown up on my Mac as a single 16i/o interface, so I missed a trick, there.


I’ve tried on 10.5 a while ago and it did not work well - I had to assign a different device name and id to both (“CVpal” and “CVgal”).

@pichenettes ah, I thought that might be the case. I wonder if the firmware could be modified such that each module would get a unique identifier, so that more than one can be used at a time.


Not sure how the chips are flashed, if there’s a script run then it might be able to modify the ID in the bin file before flashing?

A CV pal with 8 out, with a few of the modes of yarns but simpler, basically a CV pal with the ability to do polyphonic mode would be amazing! Still in 4hp or 6hp would be a killer.
I think I would even get rid of my es-3 :wink:

The CVPal was originally designed to be a beginner project, but one that is useful as well.

It was nearly shelved when it was discovered that the Windows drivers Microsoft ships cause latency issues.

So an expanded version is unlikely to happen. Yarns is what you want.

@6581punk Yarns is what I want, too, but they seems to be sold out everywhere, at the moment…


1 available:

(Edit, now only one available, someone here must have bought one).