Multi wire connector- mine has different colors!

hi everyone! sorry if this is a double post, the last one gave me an error.

Just got my kit today! very excited to start building, but i’ve run into a small snag. the multi wire connector that came with my kit seems to have different colors than the one in the assembly manual!

in the instructions it says:

brown red orange yellow green blue purple grey.

mine is colored as follows, (left to right when looking at the connector from the top with the “1” and “2150” numbers showing):

black brown red orange yellow green blue purple. (no grey)

now i know the colors don’t make a difference :wink: but i’m just wondering about the wiring scheme. if i start with the black one in GND instead of the brown, and just follow them all the way down the line (so that purple ends up in 5V) will that be ok?

great! that’s just what i needed to see. i’m all set now.