Multi - bank selection and program change


I’m having trouble getting my Ambika to respond to bank selection CC and program changes programmed into my JJOS2XL MPC1000. Do I need to send to a specific channel or would it work to any of the part channels I’m using? I have my multis setup as follows:

lead synth on part 1/midi channel 1
basses on part 2/midi channel 2
four voice pads etc on part 3-6/midi channel 3


Hi Matt,

I don’t have the answer but actually plan on using my ambika and mpc with JJOS2xl also so am interested to be in the loop if you find out.

Heppy New Decade people!

Could anyone please help explain how I need to set up my Ambika to respond to incoming bank selection CC and program changes to switch multis from an outboard source like an MPC or DAW? Would be greatly appreciated!


Here is a bit from the manual:

The MIDI banks 0-25 are used to load program banks A to Z . The MIDI banks 26-51 are used to load multi banks A to Z . For example, to load the multi 002 in the B bank, send a control change 0 (bank select) with a value of 27 to select multi bank B , and a program change 2. To load the program 120 in the D bank, send a control change 0 (bank select) with a value of 3, and a program change 120.

don’t have mpc close by, but with ableton you will need to send a program number and bank number and omit subbank (e.g. Bank 1, Sub --, Pgm 120 = Patch A119 ;e.g. Bank 2, Sub --, Pgm 2 = Patch B001). Multis will start at bank 27 in Ableton (Bank 27, Sub --, Pgm 1 = Multi A000). So everything is offset by 1 in Ableton.

cool, forgot that you can actually recall multis!

Thanks BlindedVeils, I’ll be sure to try that. Thought I’d RTFM properly but maybe not, sorry about that… Do you know if it matters which MIDI channel I send on?

Yeah you should send to the midi channel of the part. Hey I am glad I saw this because i’ve been putting off creating a proper template and maxmsp objects to control the Ambika. Pretty happy with what i threw together and recommend it!
(not sure with multi’s since i don’t use em much, yet)

Hmm… I’m using multis where different parts receive MIDI on three different channels…

1 - lead (part 1)
2 - bass (part 2)
3 - pads/arp (part 3-6)

i assume once you are past bank 27, it doesn’t matter the channel

Cool, I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks a lot!


Yay, it works! A little bit fiddly to get the CC for bank selection to be sent at the right place in the MPC but once it’s there it works as a charm. Thanks again BlindedVeils!


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Hello I’ve got a MPC live and an Ambka and it works perfectly , also with reaper or Ableton… You need to send Bank Change message > 27 (LSB , not MSB) on any channel to load the Multi Banks , and a Program Change message with the number of the Multi you want (0 to 128). Then the multi program recalls with every setting… It takes like 1/2 second to load a multi so take care if you want the sound to start on first bar of the sequence :slight_smile:

Thanks calcaire, I eventually got it running. Great live setup with MPC + Ambika multis!

Hi folks!

Picking up the thread on Ambika Multis again. I have a very particular problem that I’m trying to solve:

I’m using my Ambika with multis being selected and sequenced by an MPC1000, JJOS2XL. My bandmate has his Gaia hooked up to the Ambika MIDI out and we’re trying to filter out program change messages on channel 16 that he needs to select his Gaia patches. Is it possible to select a particular channel that the Ambika should accept incoming PC-messages on so that it ignores stuff coming through on channel 16 for example? The MPC1000 has two MIDI outs but the other one is allready occupied by another synth unfortunatly.