Muff wiggler forum down?

I end-up on a cat pic with “yes we cat”

no we cant apparently

That’s what I get:

Yes it’s borked, again. It’s not uncommon for Muffs.

Man I should not have posted that thing about Coldplay and modulars…

Muffwiggler Mike wrote about it on Facebook. Something’s being done so sooner or later it’ll be back up again.

I kind of sort of started to make my own subversion repositories for various projects where the community is involved: Turing Machine and all the expanders, Fonik’s resonators (he has his own offsite documentation), NV’s Euro Klee, the Clarke68 euro-Serge CGS Resonant EQ mk2, J3rk projects and what not. Still, it’s funny how central Muff’s become to modulars and DIY.

I should start something like that too, and clearly, muff, just enormous database full of everything…

Well, I’m relieved that it’s not just me, but bummed that it’s officially down. I hope it’s nothing like the previous outage, caused by an attack.

Came here wondering the same thing. I figured Mike would get his act together more once his storefront opened up. To his credit he did turn a lot of things around since the last big downtime, though I still have some weirdness happening when I visit the forums there.

Never quite realize how much you use something until it’s not there anymore! Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Saw that it’s gone back up, in read-only mode for now. Nice to see it back, albeit in a limited form initially.

that’s really shit that it was an attack again

^ Allegedly.

well as long as they keep MW running on phpbb it will keep happening I guess.