MS-20 Filter Board

I heard whisperings on the filter page about a ms-20 clone with a pt2399 delay chip in it. When is this expected to come out?

I’ll finish first the dual SVF - 1 to 2 months before it’s available ; so don’t expect the next filter board before 3 months (or more if I decide to take a break from the Shruthi-1 and work on something else…)


awesome, I will be looking forward to that. thanks!

…as it says fcd72…


its pronounced EIGENDRUMS^3 :wink:

@ pichenettes

Has this filter board went into development hell or do you have something more epic planned for the end of this month?

I’d bet on the epic one.

I haven’t even started it so I wouldn’t call this “development hell” - but I have more interesting and urgent things to do first.