Mpc6002 dual op amp

I have some problems on finding this ic (used in sideckick). In the shop they say thera are alternatives? Is it right?

Any op-amp with rail to rail inputs and outputs can be used.

How about the AD822

Im just trying to get pichenettes expertise for free if i understood right what is needed :wink:

Huh? 5 euros piece?

It needs to have rail to rail inputs, not just outputs.

I think, but I can’t remember well, he spoke of TL072. It could be ok? I didn’t read datasheet.

I thought id had when powering with ±5V…

TL072s are my op-amps of choice, but there’s a good reason I did not use them on the Sidekick. I’m not that perverse…

MCP6002 are the cheapest, most widely available op-amps with rail to rail inputs and outputs. Try to get them. Do not use TL072 instead! The cheapest TI part would be the TLV2472.

Thanks Pinchenettes. I’m sure you are not that perverse, but everybody have sexual habits very different! I respect them all among 18+ mates.
I really didn’t know that are very expensive. Probably In the shop more they sell the better, I think.

Isn’t there any “List of commonly used OpAmps” anywhere? I get a bit lost choosing between the 212543422347 possible types…

Reichelt 31 cent

Farnell 41 cent

Thank you rosch. Do you think farnell or reichelt have all the pots (better alp) for a sideckick, an ssm2044 and a dsp filterboards?.
InBOM I have seen some holes, and I have fear of buying by myself wrong gear.