MPC discussion

Looking to buy a black MPC 1000 with the good pads. Any extras such as fat pads, memory cards, or jjos would be nice too.

Edit: Found what I was looking for, thanks everyone![](, Now this is MPC discussion)

I’ve got one but you’re in the US right? I’m in the UK.

Yeah I’m in US. I imagine shipping something that large would be pretty damn expensive internationally :frowning:

Might have one for you; you can DM me for details if you like. I am not in the US, but I can take care of getting it shipped reasonably.

I have a black MPC 1000 I wouldn’t mind parting with. Not sure about the pad situation, I haven’t opened it, but I do have a 1gb+ card for it – as well as JJOS2XL and maxed out RAM. I’m in the States.

I have a blue mpc 1000 with upgraded pads and memory in USA…pm if your interested :wink:

Thanks everyone who has responded so far! I have a pending deal with t2k since his MPC is upgraded with the specs I am looking for. If it doesn’t go through I will definitely get back to you guys.

@bonobo Out of interest; how and in what context are you planning to use the MPC?

Mostly for live use. Playing samples, finger drumming, and sequencing instruments. I’ll still be doing most song writing on Logic and then working it over to the MPC for playing live. Also a big plus will be the option of using just the MPC and stepping away from the computer every now and then. I find that the limits of hardware can be inspiring. I’ve looked into many other options including the Octatrack but ultimately the MPC seems to be best for what I want.

It should be great for that purpose. What made you chooss the MPC over the OT in the end?

The ability to play the pads like a percussive instrument. I still really want an OT but the MPC is of more use to the music I want to do currently. I’m doing more melodic driven stuff that doesn’t need to be mangled live, most of the sounds will be predetermined. I’ve decided to do my sample mangling in Logic/Ableton and just putting those samples onto the MPC for live use.

The OT looks amazing but I wish it had more individual outs or split tracks through USB. It seems like a shame to have such an awesome live tweaking box that can’t export more individual outs for proper mixing in a DAW. I know the MPC only has 4 outs but I’m not going to be using it in this way.

I’ll probably end up with an OT eventually…Do you have one?

The MPC actually has 6 outs (one main stereo pair and two assignable pairs). They really don’t make boxes like that anymore… :wink:

I owned an OT. It’s a great machine, but I got frustrated by its human interface design while trying to use it as the center of an all-hardware setup. For some reason, using it felt more awkward than the IMHO much more immediate Analog Four and RYTM. Especially the song/chain modes on those boxes feels much more natural to me.

The OT is really great for live loop mangling; what they did with their scenes and crossfader implementation is pretty genius.

Yeah I don’t own any Elektron gear and I have lusted over it for some time, but I need to spend money in other areas first. Now I need a couple good mixers. A small 6 channel one for on the go, and a larger one for home. Possibly the new Soundcraft Mkt 12 since it is essentially a mixer and audio interface in one.

For now I gotta dive in and learn the gear I have now. Really excited to work with the MPC :slight_smile:

Since some months, I’m also considering the OT or the MPC for Live gear sequencing and sampling.
For the moment, I do not have money for any of these two, but I will probably go the MPC road.
The difference of price is the main reason, but also, as a drummer, I’m more into the idea of having pads to finger drum. The two midi in/outs is also a big plus on the MPC.
As for the x0x style programming, my LXR is fully capable and fun to use.

Four MIDI outs on the 2500.

Yes, but the 2500 goes to the workstation/studio use more than the MPC1000. The portability of the 1000 makes it a better contender for nomad and live use.

Doesn’t JJOS2XL give you most of the software capabilities for the 2500 as well?

With JJOS2XL, the 1000 and the 2500 are pretty much identical except for the number of ouputs, number of MIDI ports, the two additional q-link pots, and some additional buttons.

For me the tilted desktop design of the 2000 series came in more handy in life sets. And the MIDI ports were necessary as my equipment was in a 21 HU rack with wheels.

I saw there is a tilted display upgrade for the 1000, but the jjos128xl it uses doesn’t seem to keep all the features of the jjos2xl, including auto chop…