Moving Analog Gear Safely

So my lady love has coerced me to move across country from Florida to Seattle and it’ll be during the summer. I’m more than a little concerned about the heat getting to all this lovely equipment. I understand synths do get hot during use, but only in the right places due to heatsinks, what should I be extra careful with? All the equipment will be in my car, will I just need to recalibrate the analog stuff or should I be concerned for the caps as well?
Thanks in advance,
P.s. If any Shruthizens want to let me couch surf and jam out along this trip, that’d be pretty awesome. I’ll bring beer.

now now, one Capibara[TM]doesn’t work, there need to be one behind the rear window and at least one thermally coupled to the motor block in order to have a significant reading.

You shouldn’t have any issues. Just make sure they are packed well to minimize the bumpy drive. I’ve received analog synths in the summer without any issues (other than a Pro-One, but the VCO’s just needed to be re-calibrated).

Tint the rear windows? a bit of heat probably won’t harm the devices anyway but anything you can do to keep the car cool should help the passengers as well.

the safest way would be to have them shipped directly to me

You have a place in Cleveland, OH if your route brings you this way by some chance! :slight_smile:

As mentioned, getting tossed around is the big concern so pack well. Other than that just avoid direct sunlight.

If it gets so hot in your car that a Cap takes damage you probably will be dead also, so no problem: if you are dead you don’t care anymore for a damaged cap :wink:

Maybe you should leave a dog in your car as an early warning system?

Dogs can usually withstand heat better than humans, at least untrained citizens. A little child would be a good indicator…….

Well, it would probably be nice to have an early warning system that starts barking instead of slowly drifting out of consciousness…

Easier would be just not to leave the car in the sun at all….

When moving heat-sensitive stuff around, put an insulator around it to protect it from the green house effect of your car. Oh, and pack them tightly. That has already been mentioned though.
Also, Seattle has more synths than Florida. So you have that going for you. :slight_smile:

Good one, rosch! I’m glad I don’t need to worry about particular components so much and I’ve been stockpiling bubble wrap for some time now so packing will be rather meticulous. If I was really ambitious I could make an arduino heat alarm if I cared so much. Seems a bit more legal than a dog or baby- or even a baby dog. And audiohoarder, I am very much looking forward to having other people in the town that synthesize! Naples is a desert for soundsmiths.

tip: pack some foam or bubble wrap under the keys so they dont get pushed down when you wrap it up.

TopTip™ !!

My fave trick is to protect the joystick of the VS by sticking into a big block of styrofoam i tape to the front panel. I use the slightly better kind that doesn’t crumble like crazy. If you got really sensitive gear it doesn’t hurt to add bumper material like styro or such (antistatic of course) just like child-proofing your place.

Florida is still near and dear to me. Pro-tip: Go to Audio Playground in Orlando before you switch states. Give them a call in advance and you’ll have a great visit. Mr Rivers is a class act. Still, it’s cool to move to a different state up north after living in the tropics.

Oh, and please case everything, even if it’s just soft cases.

@Jojjelito: That is not just a website, but a physical location? Well, I will have to do that next time I am in Florida. A shame as I was down in January… No idea when I will be back now, haha.

I have a Custom Made Flightcase for my VS…sadly its not blue.

Thinking about the whole Car-in-the-sun-Bioinidcator™ maybe a baby dog would work best? Besides the stains it probably will leave….

@audioharder: You betcha! It’s not that far from the really posh part of town, kinda close to Winter Park if memory serves me right.

@fcd72: I used to have a VS case. The foam started to smell funky and became brittle. A friend of mine had greater need for it, so I gave it away, he re-foamed it and a Waldorf XTk sits in it since 15 years back. Aaargh, I’m like old and stuff :slight_smile:

Try a Capybara for Biomass/indicator. There has to be some use for those, other than ethnic food.

I won’t tell the story about us trying to dry a wet paintball hopper (because it was thrown with some cans of RedBull and other stuff into a BackPack and the cans got pierced by some metallic parts) on the valve cover of an Audi RS4 with the engine running. Worked great - the engine produces a lot of heat - until the catalytic converter ignited the grass underneath the car……the rest is an interesting insured event.