So i have had a ruff month or so kinda stressed out cant really bring my self to finish my 4pm boards right now ( All is going smooth with the build to my knowledge, like i said alot of personal shit kinda collapsed around me this month.) So on a brighter side not i was wondering if anyone had some decent movies to recommend (hopefully streaming ones) what ever you guys want to share , it can be independent / documentaries / educational / lectures / instruction videos.

Enter The Void

Coolest intro to a movie ever (some people lose interest in it but its worth checking out)

The Raid : Redemption

Pretty cool action movie and i do not even like action movies.

I really like Baraka and its sequel Samsara, both should be seen in HD, but take note that they aren’t really “happy” documentaries, and at some points quite biased. That said, amazing scenery, and not a single spoken word.

It’s all gone (Pete Tong) is a rather cool little pseudo documentary, that ends on a happy note, and should be seen by people in the music biz - Stay with it.

Then there’s the whole BBC wonders of series, all equally amazing !

Behind the candelabra - Michael Douglas is brilliant as Liberace.
If you haven’t seen it, District 9 is possibly the best scifi in years

Watched recently and loved:

  • Moon. Exactly the kind of sci-fi I want to see - no guns, no explosions. Haunting music, eerie mood, AI character - just well done.
  • Mr Nobody (for the 4th time). There’s a lot to dislike in this movie - terrible blabber about chaos theory and entropy, glossy visuals that won’t age well, cringeworthy choice of music - but it’s a very generous movie with some amazing sequences that save everything and I’m not getting tired of it.
  • Primer. If Inception made you think “yaaaawn - am I supposed to be impressed by a 4-level deep stack-trace?”, just watch this. It’s the cinematographic equivalent of the last chapters of that very tough LISP book.
  • Moonrise Kingdom. Yes, yes and yes.

Watched recently and so-so but worth the watch:

  • It’s a disaster. Obnoxious characters - but it’s a fun ride. Has the feel of some 90s black comedies (The Last Supper, Shallow Grave) minus the killings.
  • Cloud Atlas. Some segments/actors are quite terrible, but overall it’s a pleasant journey - just don’t expect more from it
  • The Fall. Empty plot, but stunning visuals - in the sense that you could pause each frame and get something worth framing. The opening sequence won’t be forgotten.
  • The Tree of Life. Grand - but just didn’t work for me
  • The We and the I. The premises didn’t excite me much but it was a pleasant surprise - it’s fun, some characters have interesting stories, and it’s very adequately paced
  • Berberian Sound Studio. Would have been amazing condensed in 5 minutes, as a Broadcast music video. Or maybe a short - but in full length… awfully slow! Make sure you have the subtitles for the italian parts (we didn’t and missed a lot)

If you don’t mind watching French:

  • L’exercice de l’État. Gritty, fast-paced portrayal of politics. In mood and tone, it reminded me of Le Couperet (another must see).
  • Holy Motors. Insane, but in a fun to watch and somewhat meaningful way.
  • Naissance des pieuvres. Sensitive and very interesting stylistically.

If you don’t mind watching Hindi:

  • Shanghai. One of the best in the political fiction genre.
  • Gangs of Wasseypur part I & II. Lots of gore, too many characters to keep track of, but absolutely spellbinding, with lo-fi/grungy music.
  • Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. Offbeat comedy with its collection of silly characters and a very unexpected ending.
  • Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (returns). Moody and stylish.
  • Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. Weak by Bhardwaj standards but works flawlessly as a tribute to Kusturica - and makes you feel really good…
  • Other suggestions: Udaan, Shor in the City, Shaitan, Gulaal, Kaminey, Love Sex Aur Dhokha…

+10 for Primer. Best one on that subject I’ve seen since Twelve Monkeys and actually much better. Definitely going to track down his new one, Upstream Colour.

Also for freakiness quotient though second not quite in the same class…

  • Spun, by Jonas Akerlund, brilliant; eXistenZ by David Kronenburg - another one with levels…
  • & 2 mainstream choices but I was very impressed by both when I finally saw them, so if you missed them too maybe give them a try: Gran Torino & American Beauty.
  • plus my favourite classic sci-fi has to be Blade Runner, hands down so if you missed that, do it!

In terms of documentaries if you don’t mind being propagandised to (in a beautifully presented way - but quite forcefully), the documentary/art style of Adam Curtis is like nothing else I’ve seen - try the four-part series All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.

that will do I’m dredging ancient history for some of those I should watch more films.

Thanks for the French suggestions pichenettes my wife is a French teacher (I kid myself I’d manage but actually need the subtitles) so they always go down well.

Hope you feel better soon outfox, music might help too :slight_smile:

Not sure if you can get them streaming from the more mainstream placera like Netflix, but Mubi has lots of art cinema. I’m going through another Wong Kar-Wai period, just finished 2046. It was excellent, but some parts reference other films by him.

If you want to be grossed out I can recommend Dumplings…

Lighter entertainment? Kung-Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow. Hilarious stuff. Slapstick martial arts. Just rewatched it by the campfire when out in the countryside for extra nostalgia.

Stalker by Tarkovsky is also noteworthy. I have a DVD, but it’s definitely worthy of a hi-def BluRay release.

The last documentaries I saw were the Cove (couldn’t make it through), Oceans and some various BBC Nature programs like Yellowstone and the German-made Wild Russia.

Haven’t attempted anything political beyond what’s shown on TV like Inside Job about the current market crash - it’s hard to spend all your energy on every thing that should upset you - it would be a long list and you can’t live being bitter about all sorts.

Hi, all,
here’s a (argentinian?) film for Olivier (no laser guns) and all who understand french… but maybe
translate in English too, but I only know the french title: Fréquence sud-est.
Theres an american remake of that, with Kevin Spacey: K-PAX : L’Homme qui vient de loin

I also like Gattaka.


when I try to remember films I’ve liked I never really remember any of them… so here’s just some random titles :slight_smile:
Talking about trippy sci-fi kind of stuff I liked Cargo and Pandorum (not really new ones though)
You could also watch all the preview interviews from I Dream of Wires until the film is out :slight_smile:

Light, feel-good, mildly subversive movie for the musically minded: Sound of noise.

@pichenettes He, he. It’s Swedish :slight_smile:

Ermahgerd - I even recognized some of those locations down south :slight_smile:

Here’s more weird stuff from Sweden - LFO

Is that sponsored by Elektron and Teenage Engineering?

It looks like it. Weird and it’s a little disturbing. There should be some gear with more lab cred, but I guess that wasn’t the point. Still, some old EMS, Serge or Buchla or some MI Euro wouldn’t hurt.

I went shopping at my local Picard today, there’s some interesting frozen food there. I was half expecting some Anushris among all the cartons with French text :smiley: Maybe you should ask them for a co-branding deal?

If I ever make something like that, or a music video I’ll proudly display my MI and Preen gear.


If you enjoyed Primer as much as I did, you need to see that director’s second film that came out this year, "Upstream Color (whoops, I was so excited about the film I rushed down here to comment and failed to read bendy_john’s recommendation). Like existential “Memento” but better than that description ha.


Oh, god Tarkovsky. That’s a very deep rabbit hole of lost weekends to send someone down.

A Place Beyond The Pines: Worth watching only to laugh your ass off at the score. It literally sounds like someone took a Virus and just wailed atonal chords after important information was given to the audience or drama was occurring. Someone saw The Social Network and thought they didn’t need to pay anyone to score the film! Then, about NINTEY MINUTES into the film, there are 2 licensed songs which takes you right out of the plot because they just come out of nowhere in such stark sound palate. The film was forgettable and predictable, Bradley Cooper is in way over his head in that role, but if you like music and want to laugh at what I just said, turn it on. Also, non-New York Area people can see what it looks like just an hour or two north of where your favorite, long-winded commenter, Ryan A4, grew up and learn that most of New York state is a depressed factory towns and farm land!

I second Moonrise Kingdom! It is brilliant, definitely my favorite role for just about everyone in the film.

If you are young enough to remember high school outcast experiences (assuming most synth nerds shared that experience?) the film adaptation of Perks of Being a Wallflower might make you bawl your eyes out. Did for me.

Haven’t been watching too many movies lately, good to have some new suggestions!

Check out all the original Horror films. Most of them are on youtube.

Oh yea Moonrise Kingdom is ace

Another big yes for Moonrise Kingdom. It’s like all the other Wes Anderson movies were practice runs for this one.

I think Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) did the score for Place Beyond the Pines. He’s definitely into doing stuff that borders on avant garde, which itself borders on what we on the internets would call trolling. Perhaps he trolled the eff out of everyone with this score? I wanted to see this before, now I REALLY want to see it!

If you want to see something fairly interesting and completely heartbreaking, check out this documentary called “I Think We’re Alone Now.” It’s on the 'flix. It’s about two people who are obsessed with Tiffany.

Also, it’s off-topic cuz it’s a TV show but Breaking Bad is pretty much perfect in every way. I haven’t had cable in years, I don’t follow ANY TV shows at all but I can’t recommend this any more. Acting, writing, directing, cinematography, music… all pretty much flawless up to the end of season 4, which is only how far I’ve gotten and I haven’t heard any complaints so far that the final season has been anything less than stellar.

Hombre mirando al sudeste
K-Pax can’t be a remake as the director claimed never to have seen or heard of this :wink:

Chlopaki nie placza

Hi fitvideo,
thanks for the title and amazon finding ! at last I will see that film again!