Mousers LED's

Hi sorry to be lazy but i was wondering if anyone knew the code number from mousers for the LED’s that fit the shruthi case(i ordered from the mousers bom page got yellow ones was thinking about switching the color on my 4pm)

There are like 150K different 3mm LEDs at Mouser, take your pick

so 3mm is all i need to really know?

What I would do is grab the code for the led on the BOM and do a spec comparison with the one I want just to be sure.

Things to watch is size, 3mm, wether is flat top or not, and brightness, since you don´t want some blinding less (although you could lower brightness with a resistor change).

for the brightness, just use breadboard and try a bunch of resistors till its right for you

There’s only one manufacturer for the 3mm flat tops (isolate the Mouser search by 120 degree viewing angle and you’ll find them)-they all work with the standard 220 ohm resistors except the High Efficiency red which will give the same brightness with about 820 ohm for the ressistor.

604-WP7113MBD 60 mcd

604-WP710A10MBD 40 mcd

what one do you think i should do im pretty sure i have 40 mcd on the yellow ones i ordered.