Mouser resistor values wildly off

I’m pretty sure my multimeter is fine, mesuring a 270 ohm resistor shows 240 ohm.

But all of my 10M ohm resistors are showing up at 4.7M ohm and all of my 4.7k resistors are showing up as 7.2k ohm. And i’ve only tested these three resistors. I tried calling them but they’re in hong kong and the communication is hard. I didn’t even order a 7.2k ohm or a 4.7m ohm resistor, what’s worse is the entire pack has these values.

The rings on them are right and i just want to know if I should still use them or not because if I can’t use them I’ll have to bring it up with mouser and it’s like $5 worth of resistors but $30 shipping.

Swap your meter’s battery first-resistance is actually measured by sending a stable current source thru the resistor and measuring the voltage across, so if your battery is too low…

I’m just going to put them in. I’m more then certain it’s just the multimeter showing incorrect values.

The factory probably has the ability to check the resistance for every single part made.

Just remember, double checking is easy, desoldering is difficult.

resistors are like sugar of flour, you should get them nearly everywhere…. just scrap any questionable resistor and get new ones - but first, check your meter.